Vegeta Vs.

The original archive of Vegeta Vs. from 1999-2001 all in it’s full unaltered glory!

NOTE: Email addresses have been removed, but original names are still credited (I’ve only kept the first letter of most last names). If you wish to have your name removed, contact me.

Vegeta Vs……Bill Clinton!!!!

Vegeta stands outside the white house, and reads the power of everybody around him, Clinton sends out the secret service after Vegeta, after disposing all of the agents one by one, Clinton takes the stand.

Vegeta’s scouter reads Clinton’s power level at 30, as Vegeta laughs, Clinton takes out his “Special Cigar” and begins to take a smoke, suddenly, Vegeta’s scouter indicates that Clinton’s power level has risen to 3000, after reading this, Clinton rushes at Vegeta.

Unfortunately, Clinton’s 3000 power level is no match for Vegeta’s power level of 18,000 and Vegeta decides to blast Clinton in the pants, leaving Clinton “Powerless”, Vegeta invites Ken Starr and they get the true confession out of Clinton, after Clinton confesses, Vegeta blasts Clinton into dust..

Later that night, reporters claim that Clinton was sent to “Another Dimension”.

Winner- Vegeta

By Ryan “Castor Troy” Molina

Vegeta Vs……FUNimation!!!!

Vegeta, feeling pissed because of the way FUNimation mutilated his show, flies to FUNimation studios and destroys everything in sight.

The President of FUNimation, not wanting to go to “Another Dimension”, runs to his safe, grabs whatever money he has and runs, however, Vegeta sees him and blasts him away. As Vegeta walks towards the spot where he blew up the president, he takes the leftover money and creates Vegetamation studios, where he broadcasts new Dragon Ball episodes uncut and uncensored.

Winner- Vegeta

By Ryan “Castor Troy” Molina

Vegeta Vs……Akira Toriyama!!!!

For control of all of Toriyama’s creations, Vegeta decides to take on his creator. Vegeta sees Toriyama’s power level through his scouter and it explodes.

Toriyama draws out his eraser and explains to Vegeta that he cannot destroy his all mighty creator, so Toriyama begins to erase Vegeta out of existence.

Winner- Akira Toriyama

By Ryan “Castor Troy” Molina

Vegeta Vs……Hanson!!!!

Vegeta sees the three singers of Hanson and laughs at the weak readings of their power levels, then Hanson heads to their musical instruments and begin to play “Mmm bop”.

Vegeta’s scouter explodes due to the high pitched singing Hanson is making, after more singing, Vegeta covers his ears and trembles in pain.

Vegeta flies off in the distance and shouts “I’ll just use my Gallet gun and blow the whole group up!!!”. Vegeta flies into the air and then fires down on the singing Hanson.

Winner- Vegeta

By Ryan “Castor Troy” Molina

Vegeta Vs……Chi Chi and Bulma!!!!

By DragonLady700

Vegeta hates both of their guts. So one day he challenged them both. They both have a bad attitude, so does Vegeta. Let the fight begin! Vegeta flew over to where the fight was going to take place. There, he saw his oppenents. Bulma attcked first by yelling at her husband (they have a kid, Trunks later on) and Vegeta backfires by giving off a terrible attitude. Chi chi was too busy stuffing her face with bon bons. At the end,,, both fighters wear out of energy ogf yelling with each other. So Vegeta just blasted Bulma away. Bye bye Bulma! Vegeta was left to face the Chi chi. Chi chi had gained a lot of weight from all those bon bons. Vegeta kept on blasting her, but it was no use. Vegeta’s power level was about 18,000 and he couldn’t hold Chichi’s weight. So, she accidently squashed him.

Winner: Chi chi

Vegeta Vs……Himself!!!


Vegeta one day walks bye a mirror. As he stop’s he notices there’s another saiyan that looks exactly like him! Now this was a special type mirror that doesn’t break no matter what happens to it. Where it came from or how it unknown. Anyway…as Vegeta observed the strange looking saiyan in the mirror, he began to get angry because he didnt like anyone else looking like him. Not only that, he noticed that whatever he did, the strange saiyan look alike of him did too! This angered vegita even more. He proceeded to punch, kick, and blast the Vegeta clone but no matter what he tried…the mirror image vegeta always seemed to know what he did. Vegeta was tired, after all he gave it his all to get rid of the mirror image Vegeta. Vegeta knew this was one tough opponent and knew he had to face the fact that this saiyan was unbeatable. Vegeta finally gave up and walked away. Two things Vegeta thought to himself as he walked away…1. That was one tough opponent….2. He wasn’t bad looking though!

Winner: DRAW!!

Vegeta vs…… Bob Dole

Vegita begins to hate old people and challenged Bob Dole to a fight. They face off, Vegita reads Bob’s power level as 100. Vegita laughs. Little did he know Bob was HIDING his power. They sped at each other and traded blows faster than they eye can see, until Vegita nails old Bob with Final Flash, Bob slowly picked himself up. His shirt is in pieces, he flexes to reveal his true muscular body, and whips his mighty pen at Vegita, impaling him.

Winner-Bob Dole

by Hernan

Vegeta vs……Sailor Moon!!!

As Vegeta is terrorizing downtown Tokyo in his giant Wolf-Ape form, the Sailor Scouts appear and try to attack him. Wanting to give them a Chince Piccolo blasts the moon, and Vegeta De-Transforms. But wanting to give Vegeta a little lead over the scouts, Trunks hits Sailor moon with a Galactic Donut, killing her instantly. Vegeta, pissed that Piccolo blew up the moon, and that Trunks had killed one of his opponants, he went into a berserker rage, and killed three of the scouts when he powered up quickly. Sailor mars tried to burn him, but he blasted her with a multibeam. The last scout, Sailor Mercury turned her little computer thingy on, trying to find a weekness in vegeta’s attacks. Seeing she had a ‘Scouter’ he powered up, and the computer detonated, blinding Sailor Mercury. Vegeta then cut her in half with a Distructo-disk he’d learned fighting Krillen, and went to settle things with Piccolo and Trunks.

Winner- Vegeta

By CodyWO

Vegeta vs……The Thundercats!!!

Lion-O looked down, as his sword started glowing funny. “Danger!” Everyone looked at him funny as he brought the sword up to his eyes. ” Sword of Omens, give me sight beyond…” There is a bright flash, and Lion-O just seems to disintigrate. “Lion-O!” screams Chetara. Panthro and Tigra are both looking for the source of the beam, which turns to be Vegeta, laughing his head off. “Did you see that? He never even saw that coming! AHAHAHAHAHA!” “You Killed our leader! You must pay!” “Oh, I’m just so scared!” Vegeta procedes to kill Tigra before he can use his whip-thingy. Vegeta then picks up the little cat-lizzard thing that used to hang out around Lion-O alot. “What the hell are you?” He doesn’t wait for a reply, but instead throws the lizzard-cat-thing into a wall, killing it instantly. “And look, there’s little ones too!” Walks towards the thunderkittens “Oh no you don’t!” a yellow streak flashes by “Oh, you’re so fast. I don’t think I could ever match that.” Vegeta laughs, and flys after Chetara quickly, and kills her with his final flash. “You! I’ll get you for that!” yelled Panthro. “I don’t think so.” for good measure, he blasts the thunderkittens, throwing them off into the woods somewhere, where no one would ever find there bodies. Vegeta didn’t notice Panthro, until Panthro tapped him on the shoulder. “Who the hell ar..” he was cut short as Panthro bit him. “THUNDERCATS BIT MY BALLS OFF!” Vegeta screamed! A figure appeared above them all it was Mumm-ra all he said was “Tell me about it.”


By CodyWO

Vegeta vs Barny

A stupid voice is heard by millions of children under the age of 8. “Guess what, kiddies. Today we have a special gest star! His name is Vegeta, Look everyone! Here’s Vegeta!” “Hello there Barny! I just have to say this now, and get it over with. YOUR SHOW IS THE STUPIDIST THING ON THE AIR!” “WHAT? Why you little punk!” Barny removes his mask reveling Majin Buu. “I beat you the last time we fought Vegeta, I’ll do it again!” Buu puts the mask back on. The children all scream and run away. “I should’ve seen this connection sooner. Purple Dinosaur, Pink Demon, It fits together perfectly!” “Yeah yeah yeah. Shutup. this is my show, not yours.” “Not for long, Buurny.” Vegeta blasts Barny with a beam. Dizzy, Buu attacks what he things is Vegeta, but only kills his costar. “Ha ha ha, you missed.” Vegeta kicks Barny in the head, he flies into the wall, and flying debrees kills 1/2 of the producers of his stupid show. “That’s It vegeta, you leave me no choice!” Barny stands up. “I Love You, You Love Me…” “AHHH!!! NOT THAT STUPID SONG!” Vegeta holds his ears in pain. “Now I have you Vegeta!” “I don’t think so! You’ve made a mistake,you stopped singing.” Vegeta does the final flash, and blows Barny’s arm off. Suddenly a little kid in an orange overcoat, a fat kid, a kid with a stupid hat, and another kid with a stupid green hat come walking over. “Yeah! Kickass!” Barny stands up. “You kids had better run, NOW!” Barny grabs the kid in the orange coat, and starts hitting Vegeta with him. “Oww! hey! no fair!” Vegeta grabs the kid from Barny, and smacks Barny with the kid so hard, Barny’s head colapses in on itself, forming a black hole, which suckes itself into another dimension, taking Barny along with it. The kid in orange stands up and mumbles something “You’re right Kenny, that was hella-cool!” “Stop saying Hella Cartman!” “Screw you guys, I’m going home.” “Something’s not right.” Stan looks at Kenny. Suddenly, one of the lighting rigs, weakened by the battle, falls, and crushes Kenny’s head. “Oh my god, they killed Kenny!” “You Bastards!”

Winner- Vegeta

By CodyWO

Vegeta vs……Vegetables! (Translation)

One day Vegeta walks in the store,he saw vegetables,”hmmm?”he thought he saw it and was offended,Vegeta found out that his name was vegetables,he quikly punched a Carrot but slipped on a squashed potato and falls to the ground.


By Gabby0802

Vegeta vs……Sailor Moon again!!!

Vegeta was stomping through down town tokyo, destroying everything in sight as a rather pissed off super sai-jin level 4. “Listen buster, I’m going to keep you from destroying Tokyo, because I am sailor moon, defender of justice, and champion of stupid, donut eating klutzes everywhere!” “So you like donuts, huh? try a GALACTIC DONUT!” Vegeta kills sailor moon with a glalctic donut he learned from trunks. “He killed sailor moon! Get him girls!” The rest of the sailor moon girls attack Vegeta from behind. Sensing that they may hurt his Ego, he throws an artificial moon up into the air and transformes, taking the extra time to carefully squash each sailor scout into the ground like grapes. under a steamroller.

Winner: Vegeta!

By the one and only CodyWO

Vegeta vs……Sailor Moon Final!!!

Vegeta was stomping through down town Tokyo, destroying everything in sight. “hey, I dont know who you are but destroying Tokyo. Well, buster go back to where you coming from. I won’t stand seeing this happen. Because Iam Sailormoon and i stand for love and justice. I’m be half of the moon, i will punish you. Sailormoon.”
“and for Venus also”
“stay out of this moon girl.”vegeta
“wait a minute. This is my show, you’re not suppose to be in here, you’re suppose to be in DRAGON BALLZ.SO GO BACK WHERE YOU BELONG”
” Not anymore”
“Don’t say I dont warn ya”
Then the sailorscout pull their power together and blast him back where he belong.

Winner: Sailor Scouts (I strongly disagree)

By Minh N.

Vegeta vs……South Park

Vegeta happened to be flying past a small town. He read a sign at the entrance. “South Park? Strange name for a town.” He blew up the sign and then went to see the people. “Stupid town. Stupid people. They look like they’re all made of cardboard or something.” He saw a trashy looking house. “This place looks like its condemned. I wonder if there’s people in it. Who cares?” He blew up the building. In case you people didn’t suspect it, this was Kenny’s house. And most of Kenny’s family happened to be in it. “Look what that guy did.” “Yeah, he blew up Kenny’s house.” “Sweet.” Four kids stood in a row. There was a weak looking brat with a purple shirt. Beside him was a cheese ball. Then there was a retarded kid with an orange coat. Then there was a kid with a green hat that was as retarded as the kid standing next to him. The little orange coated kid mumbled something. “Yeah Kenny. This guy is a dildo.” “Hey you son of a bitch! How would you like it if some bastard came and blew up your house?” “For your information, it’s hapenned! And now, what happened to the trash dump is going to happen to you!” He attacked Kyle but missed. “I’ll get you this time you little weakling!””Kyle is a weakling.” Cartman sang. “Shut up fat ass.” “I’m not fat. I’m just big boned. And my mom says that God doesn’t love people with tails and spiky hair.” “My mom says God loves everyone. Even bastards like this guy.” “I hate people with tails.” “I don’t know. I think what he did to Kenny’s house is hella cool.” “Stop saying hella Cartman.” “Well anyway, if it were my decision, I’d get a gun and blast him outta the sky.” “I’ll blast you outta the sky!” Vegeta threw Catman into the air and killed him. His last words were “Screw you!””I wonder what his will said.” “I hope it says I get his radio.” “I hope you wrote a will you little rodent. And I hope that mommy bought you a tombstone for Christmas.” “Huh?” Vegeta blasted Kyle. “Oh no!” People had gathered around to watch. Wendy ran out into the open. “This is crazy! First Cartman now Kyle. Why must you kill us?” “Because I hate this stupid show!” He killed Wendy. “Wendy!” Stan cried. “You’ve really done it this time!” “Don’t worry you’ll be joining her soon.” Then he killed Stan. The only one left was Kenny. “Now it’s just you and me.” said Kenny. “Wow!” said Mr. Garrison. “Kenny actually spoke english.” “Never call me Kenny again!” Kenny tore off his coat. “Wiley Cat! A thundercat! I should’ve known. Oh well.”Vegeta gathered up his energy and heaved it at Wiley Cat. But he dodged it. “Look at that Ned! We could get millions for it. Let’s shoot it.” “Are-you-sure-we-should-risk-it-Jimbo?” “Of course.” Vegeta zipped down and took Jimbo’s gun. Then he shot both of them. “Now for you Wiley Cat.” He threw down the gun and gathered up his energy again. “Die Thundercat!” Wiley Cat was finished. “This whole town is going up in smoke!” He blasted the school and everyone in it. Then he used his gallet gun and blew the rest of it up. Then he called his best friend. “Guess what I just finished doing?” “Did you make Little Bear into a rug yet?” “No. I blew up South Park.” “Great. Now get back here.” “Why should I?” “You me and Goku need to have a Saiyan to Saiyan discussion. Remember?” “Later Destiny. I’ve got so many more weaklings to blow up. Much more fun than chatting with you and Kakkarot.””But Vegeta…” “But Vegeta nothing!” “You and you’re damned attitude. And his name is Goku!””If I’m not mistaken, me and you are alike in every way possible. And the only reason I put up with you is because you’re my cousin!” “Damn you!” Vegeta turned off his communicator. “I’ll deal with you later. Then we’ll finish our little fight. Like it or not, I’m still stronger than you.”

Winner: Vegeta

By Rebecca S.

Vegeta Versus Tinky Winky

Vegita found himself in a strange land, with strange little walking TVs then he encountered an odd little purple freak of nature. He didn’t like the way he looked, so he blew him up. “KAKARATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” IS THIS SOME SORT OF JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winner- Vegeta

By Hernan

Vegita Versus Gokuu (The strangest Vegeta Vs… yet)

Dispite all his attempts to control his huge ego, Vegita just could not somache being the weaker Sai-jin. So, with the help of a little ransom of ChiChi, Vegita got his fight. He laughed as Gokuu went super Sai-jin. Suddenly, to Gokuu’s surprise, Vegita turned and yelled “NAMEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” For even after all this time, Piccolo still yurned for Gokuu’s blood. And he flew out of no-where to fusion with Vegita! “I am not PIccolo nor Vegita, but the only Namek who can go Super Sai-jin!” And they did, the being known as Vegitalo went SSJ4 and before Gokuu could make a move, the attack known as Mokankosa-Gaelic-Ho was fired, eradicating him from existence


By Hernan

Vegeta vs. Michael Jordan

One day Vegeta is passing through Chicago and gets hit whit the basketball. And said who the hell was that. And then Michael Jordan comes out and said it was me, “you got a problem with that?” Vegeta reads his power level and it was 4000. Vegeta laughs and is about to send him to the next dimension, when he grabs a special basketball and his power reading goes up to 36000, but Vegeta just turns into Super Saiyajin level 4. So denis rodman and Scottie pippin comes out and there power level is the same as Jordan. But still not enough so Vegeta just sends rodman and pipen to the next dimension. Then mike came ran at him and just started to attack Vegeta. But as soon as he did that Vegeta just jumps up and blasts him too. It was in the middle of a game and Vegeta uses his gatling gun and blows the court up.

winner: Vegeta

By- Travis S. and Ryan C.

Vegeta Vs……Pokemon!!!

Vegeta’s walking down the street and see a yellow bunny looking thing with a crooked tail. He thought it was too cute for it’s own good. Squish He steps on it. A boy pops out and screams. “NOOOO! PIKACHU!” The boy leaps into the air and held out a little ball. “I CHOOSE YOU SQUIRTLE! GO!” funny looking turtle appeared from the red and white ball. It shot a blast of water at Vegeta’s chest. Vegeta stood there with a blank expression, then doubled over with laughter. “BWUAHAHAHAHA! You sent this to defeat me?! BWUAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Vegeta effortlessly killed the funny looking thing with a fireball. The boy stammers nervuosly. He takes out the red and white ball again. “GO PRIMAPE!” a huge ball of tan fur appeared. Vegeta laughd at the ugly pig nosed thing with boxing gloves. Vegeta shakes his head chuckling. “Damn, you are one hell of a stupid assed baka. I’ll kill this giant cotton ball first then u.” Still laughing, Vegeta simply raises a hand while the furball charges at Vegeta. The thing was vaporized. Vegeta turned to the boy. “Just die. Only little kids who don’t know nada like you.” he didn’t even have to use any of his attacks, he punched the boy once and kicked his corpse away. Vegeta walked away shaking his head and still laughing. Trunks appears out of nowhere. “What the hel are you laughing about?” He asks. “Nothin. Just had to get rid of a crappy anime character. You wouldn’t believe what the guy sent out to kill me…”

Winner: Obviously, Vegeta.

By: Sakra and Jenkai. (Actually, all of it was Jenkai’s doing.)

Vegeta Vs. Teletubbies

After blowing up South Park, Vegeta seeked more destruction. He decided on the Teletubbies. When he got there, he flew around a little until he encountered a little red wacko. “That is the little freak these people call Po. He’ll lead me to where they live.” He followed Po into the strangest house. The followed them in. They all looked up at him. “What are you all staring at?” They all went into their closet and pulled out guns. Tinky-Winky seemed to instruct them to load them. Then they all pointed at him. Vegeta flew into the closet. “Nerve gas? Nuclear missiles? Atomic bombs? These little freaks are going to destroy the world!” “Hey girls, he’s figured out our plan!” They all pulled off their masks reavealing none other than… the Spice Girls? “Die you little weaklings!” He fired at them. They all ran outside. Vegeta gathered up all of the weapons. Then he flew outside. “Should we?” asked Emma. “We have no choice. Sing!” “I’ll tell ya what I want, what I really really want…” “No! Shut up! I HATE THAT SONG!” He dropped all of the stuff on them and blew it up. That was the end of that. He went into their basament and found the real Teletubbies tied up. He released them and took them up tp the producers. “Thanks Vegeta, we were scared there for a minute.” “Hey Boss, the fanmail is pouring in! And I mean like mad!” Vegeta tore open one. “Dear Director, Thank you for making Teletubbies a show worth watching. You put Vegeta on it. My friends all watched it and thought it was great. We’ll all watch it from now on. sincerely, a 13 year old kid. Vegeta tore open another one. Dear Whoever, DragonBallZ is much better than Teletubbies. I’ve just realized it today. I’ll watch DragonBallZ from now on. Vegeta rules and Teletubbies drool. GET OFF THE AIR a 3 year old kid. “Now there’s a kid with a good head on his shoulders. I don’t like him, I just like the way he thinks.” He tore open a 3rd letter. Dear asshole, Why the hell are you putting that freak of nature on Teletubbies? You are insane! My 2 year old daughter was watching it, and now she’s hiding under her bed because Vegeta just killed the Spice Girls with nuclear weapons. And why are the Spice Girls playing the Teletubbies. I hope you go broke. Go to Hell! A 42 year old man. “I was considering sparing the place. Buddy, you just got millions of dollars blown to bits.” Vegeta was very offended by the 3rd letter. “This freak of nature is coming after you next.” Vegeta stuck the address in his pocket then blew the studio up. “Okay you 42 year old son of a bitch, your going down!” Then Vegeta went to find his next target.

Winner- Vegeta

By Rebecca S.

Vegeta vs…… Pinky and the Brain!!!

Vegeta is flying around over Hollywood and sees a building with a sign saying “ACME Labs” He says” Oh what the hell, I’ll go in and look around. I can absorb energy from the projects inside.” As soon as he goes inside and is almost hit in the eye by a paperclip that ricochets around, finally knocking the lock off a cage containing two albino mice. The shorter one says”…and now we are free to take over the world!!” The taller one says, with a tone of amaizement”Naaaaaaaaarf!” Vegita thinks to himself,”What the hell! It is my job to take over the world. And what the hell kind of a word is Narf!?!?!” He walks up to the two mice, who are studing complex plans, and slams his fist down onto the table next to them. he shouts to the short one “Now listen here you rodent pieces of shit!! I will be the only one conquering the world ever, so you better back off!!” The shorter one says” What in Enrico Fermi’s name are you?” Vegeta replys ” The better mouse trap!” as he crushes “Brain” Pinky lets out a shriek and says “Brain!!! You’re gonna pay you meanie-head!! Narf Narf Poit Narf!!!!” As Vegeta looks through his scouter, “Pinky’s” power level raises from .00001,(one tenth the power level of Master Roshi’s Turtle) to 36000. He then begins to trash Vegeta momentarily while he is stunned at the 10,000,000 fold rise in power. As the mouse asssumes victory, Vegeta performs Renzuio Energy Dan (cool attack used in Tree of Might, where the fighter fires hundreds of ki bolts at the same target.) and incinerates the mouse, lab, and entire lot where it was.

Winner: Vegeta

By: Sapio

Vegeta Vs……Sailor Moon!!! Last Time, I promise!

Vegeta chases Goku into Tokyo as a Ape Monster. Apon tearing up a building looking for him he hears a feminine voice. “Hold it right there Ape-Man!” She says on top of a building along with four other figures. “Who exactly are you?” Vegeta roars. A spotlight appears out of nowhere, highlighting Sailor Moon. “I am Sailor Moon!” she announces. “And the Sailor Scouts” The other four announce….a spotlight appearing on them one by one. “And in the name of…” “Venus!” “Mercury!” “Mars!” “Jupiter!” “And the Moon” “We will punish you!” They all say together. “WELL NOW YOUR LUNCH!” Vegeta roars lunging towards them. They shreak and jump out of the way, scattering in different directions. Vegeta turns to Sailor Moon….opening his mouth and gathering energy….blasting it at her. She shreaks and barely dodges, scrambling to her feet. “Hey! Someone need to teach you manners!” She yells at him. Sailor Moon takes out her Spiral Heart Rod and does Rainbow Moon Heart Ache on Vegeta. Vegeta takes it….barely scratching the serface of his armor…. “Is that all you got?” Vegeta roars/laughs. “This guy is tough!….SAILOR MOON WATCH OUT!” Vegeta opens his mouth again preparing for another attack aimed at Sailor Moon. Suddenly out of nowhere something flies and clips Vegetas tail clean off. The Rose lands and sticks into the ground…stray pedals float carelessly in the air. Sailor Moon looks up to her delight to see none other than Tuxedo Mask atop a neihboring building. “Sailor Moon….his tail is the only thing that keeps him from turning back into his original form!” Vegeta slowly turns back into the little runt of his former self. Vegeta growls. Sailor Moon turns back to Vegeta and the other scouts join her side as they combine powers and blow Vegeta completely away…

Winner – Sailor Moon

By Terisa

Vegeta Vs……Blue’s Clues!

One day was walking down a street and all of the sudden a Blue dog Peed on him.He picked up the Blue dog and did a Final Flash on it.Then Blue started to shoot crap at Vegeta.Vegeta dodged all of the Crap.Vegeta then finished the dog off with a Big Bang attack. Then Steve came out and sees that Blue’s head is missing so he guesses that Blue wanted to play Blue’s Clues.He saw a paw print on Vegeta’s Boot.Then before he cold get out his “Handy Dandy Notebook” Vegeta lopped of his head with a Destructo Disc,and out of Steve’s neck sprayed blood everywhere. Then Vegeta said,”I hated that damn show anyway!”

Winner: Vegeta

By zapdosdabomb!

Vegeta Vs……Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!

One day when Vegeta was going down a street, he seen stone cold steve austin and read his power level, it was at 5,000,000 but vegeta knew it was no match for a SS6 like himself. When Vegeta powered up to level 6 he read austin’s level again but this time it was at a SS6 level like his. So they got in a fight, blasting ki waves and ki balls at each other and both of them thought at the same time that they were even. So vegeta tried to go SS7 but did not make it, but to vegeta’s surprise stone cold was right there and gave him the stone cold stunner. Vegeta though, regained his composure and shot a big bang attack at stone cold and as he did stone cold did an attack similar to the big bang attack, and cancelled vegeta’s attack out. So vegeta tried his final flash attack and stone cold did another attack similar to vegeta’s attack. But there was so much ki power released that they distroyed each other.

Winner: Draw

By Saturn6933

Vegeta Vs……Godzilla!!!

One day, a dinosaur was making fun of Vegetta b/c Gokuu was stronger than him. Vegetta kicked the crapper out of him and thats all she wrote.

By MoTHerG00z

Vegeta vs. Javert (from Les Miserables)

Vegeta was in France (I don’t know why), and the saw a guy walkin’ along in a trenchcoat, carrying a club. Since Vegeta wanted to take over the world, he fecided to kill this guy. He started to power up, when Javert started singing ‘Stars’. By doing so, his power level increased. Vegeta went SSJ4, and sent a blast to Javert. But at the same time, Javert threw his cane and caused an explosion. This caused both of them to fall into the Seine river, and they both drowned.

Winner: draw

By Erin M.

Vegeta vs……Larry Flint!!!

Vegetta was at a store looking at a Playboy magazine. He had never seen one before. Larry Flint walks in the store. He notices Vegetta was reading a Playboy. He walked up to Vegetta and told him Hustler was a much better magazine cous it had close ups and etc. Vegetta said he’ll look at Hustler after he finishes reading Playboy. Larry Flint gets really mad. He pulls dwon his pants and says,”Suck this @$$ hole.” and he wacks him with it. Vegetta is on the ground knocked out cold.

Winner: Larry Flint

By MoTHerG00z

Vegeta Vs……Sailor Moon! With a Vengence!

Everyone knows Vegeta hates to lose…but after two losses to those foolish Sailor Scouts, he went on a rampage… -How could she beat me…Earth doesn’t even have a moon. In search of vengeance, Vegeta heads to Tokyo. He finds the scouts at a nearby coffee shop with some pink haired little girl! Always looking to make an entrance, Vegeta crashes through the roof, landing face to face with Sailor Moon…”Surprise!” Sailor moon falls back , completely shocked by his sudden arrival! -Sailor Scouts Assemble! -In the name of the moon -Yeah, yeah, you’ll punish me…see how scared I am? -Mercury Bubbles!” Vegeta is trapped in a large fog; of course his Saiyan eyes are unaffected! -Oh please… -Mars Fire… -Jupiter Storm… -Venus Crescent… -FINAL FLASH! The scouts are stopped dead in their tracks as Vegeta sends them, and the pink haired little girl, hurtling into the next dimension! -You’ll pay for that! -Oh will I? Vegeta is charging for his next attack when (Tell me you didn’t see THIS coming…) he is hit in the eye by a red rose… -Who? -Tuxedo Mask! -I don’t know who you are, but you’ve messed up my beautiful face! Vegeta charges SSJ1 and quickly blasts this weakling into the next dimension! -Who uses a flower as a weapon anyway? -No! Darian!…..Moon Scepter Elimination!! Vegeta is blasted clear out of the building! -Now, I’m mad! He quickly charges to SSJ4! Sailor moon is caught off guard as NO ONE survives her scepter attack! -Not wise Sailor Brat! The last thing Sailor Moon sees is Vegeta’s fist as he charges at her with full force!

-Winner: Vegeta (As it SHOULD be)

By Aimeur

Vegeta vs. the 5 inch Goku Action Figure

Vegeta was in the store, and he saw an action figure of himself. Unfortunatly, there was a Goku action figure on the top rack. Thinking that he should be on the top rack, Vegeta grabs one, opens the box, and starts to attack the 5 inch Goku action figure. Since it was plastic, nothing seemed to work against it, since plastic is practically indestructable. As Vegeta was about to give up, he saw a Philips head screwdriver that one of the workers dropped. Vegeta picked it up, and took the Goku action figure apart piece by piece.

Winner: Vegeta

By Vegeta531

Vegeta vs. EVA-01 (the first giant robot from Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Vegeta is downtown in Tokyo, just wrecking everything. He starts to smash buildings and people and other things when, all of a sudden, a huge shadow overcasts him. He looks up and sees a huge robot. It is EVA-01, the giant robot created by NERV and piloted by Ikari Shinji. “That thing looks ridiculous!” said Vegeta, laughing very hard. The giant robot remains silent. EVA-01 brings his fist down hard upon Vegeta, smashing him though the concrete. Vegeta comes back up, pretty banged up, and goes SSJ1. Then he flies up and gives EVA-01 a huge upercut, knocking him across the city. EVA-01 gets up and activates his weapons, blasting Vegeta but missing completely. Vegeta fired a bunch of little energy blasts at the robot, who gets hit a lot. Then the robot does the unexpected: he activates the AT (Absolute Terror) field. Vegeta’s power level is reduced to nearly nothing, and the giant robot smashes him into the ground again. But Vegeta isn’t dead yet. He gets back up, all banged up and toasted, and decides to use his Gallat gun on the big robot. Vegeta flies up and blasts the robot, destroying the AT field and killing the robot. Vegeta walks over to the robot and smiles. “No one is stronger than me!” he said. Suddenly EVA-01’s giant arm, which was laying on a building, falls off and smashes Vegeta like a pancake.

Winner: draw

By Curtis H.

Vegeta vs……Voltron!!!

One day Vegeta was just doing stuff but then Voltron showed up Voltron wanted to play base ball And he rolls Vegita into a baseball He uses The sword a bat and hits him acroos the galaxy

Winner: Voltron

By Popop2345

Vegeta vs……Sailor Moon once again!!!

Vegeta Didn’t knew Sailor Monn was alive (again) Then He found out So he fought her one more time.Trunks helped vegeta. Trunks did Fusion wit Goten They did galactic donut.

Winner: Vegeta

By Popop2345

Vegeta vs……Richard Simmons!!!




Vegeta vs……Spider man!!!

Another boring afternoon thinks peter parker until just recently known as the outstanding spiderman never suspecting that he himself was being watched from above while watching his beloved city be engulfed in flames of such intense heat (they melted his first costume) they melt the pavement and cause massive lava flows . As he sits there he remembers his lost wife mary jane who was caught by the lava flow and melted alive along with his child . Then suddenly he is alerted by a evil laugh and blown away into particles of mass and Atoms by the one and only master of evil vegeta . Then vegeta is cut short of his moment of glory by every one in the entire Marvel and Capcom universe sensing there enormous power levels He throws the Artificial moonligt orb and destroyes them all in one mighty blast of pure energy . After transforming back he is kicked in the Balls by Bulma and her and Crylin strol off into the destroyed semi sunset to start over humanity

Winner : BULMA ?

By B-Man

Vegeta vs……an Ant?

Vegeta was in a take over the world mood once again and he walks down the street looking for something to destroy. He stops as he looks down to find an ant crossing before him. “Feeble mortal ant! Are you insane?!” Vegeta shouts. “You dare cross the path of Vegeta and expect to LIVE?!” Without even considering reading the ant’s power level, Vegeta lifts his foot into the air about to step on the ant, but before his foot even gets close to the ground the ant fires the Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb) rapidly almost out of nowhere at Vegeta, sending him sky high. The ant mumbles, “Asshole…”

Winner: Ant


Vegeta vs……Grass?

Vegeta stands before a blade of grass sticking out of the ground and shouts, “You dare challenge me?!” Vegeta steps on the blade of grass and walks away.

Winner: Vegeta


Vegeta vs sailor moon ( the only waty it should be ) really stupid

One day or night as it would come to be vegeta was convently walikng around outside of his small home when all of a sudden all 21 of the sailor scoutes appaer out of no where and vegeta hears sailor moon saying ” int the name of the moon i will punish you sai-jin trash . Well now vegeta is surrounded by sailor scoutes they attack him from all directions he easily eveades their attacks but suddenly he is hit by the moon scepter . Now vegeta is really pissed off and firing every thing he’s got at sailor moon he hits her with a ganet gun but she is still standing ( what a fighter sniff sniff ) out of no where you hear the music for the trans formation of the sailor scoutes dooo da doo da dooo dooo doo ,. Before vegeta is hit he screams OH SHIT and he is purified off all his evilness . Vegeta is enlightened by the fact tthat he was beaten by a woman and askes sailor moon to marry him she agrees and they now have a son named doug ( oh now i know where that loser came from )

Winner : sailor moon

By Shikkadog

Vegeta VS Megaman X and Zero

One day, Vegeta’s flying and sees this funny-looking city. “Ooh! A city! Looks like TARGET PRACTICE time!” Vegeta thinks. He lands and starts thrashing the place. All seems cool for Vegeta when two streaks, one blue and one red, fall from the sky. They land and assemble to what seems like two robots. The blue one says, “What the hell are you doing you spiky-haired freak!” The red one says,”We’re on a mission, and you can’t interrupt, dammit!” “Oh, sorry to crash the party.” Vegeta says in a sarcastic tone. “By the way, my name is Vegeta. What’s yours, losers.” “Don’t call us losers! Anyway, mine is Megaman X.” replies the one in blue. “Call me Zero.” says the red-clad robot. “Such a true name, Zero!” retorts Vegeta. “No one makes fun of my name!” shouts Zero as he pulls out his Z-Saber and attempts to cut Vegeta to ribbons. Vegeta is apparently too swift for Zero’s futile attack. As a counter-atttack, he deploys a destructo-disc and slices Zero’s hand off. “You mess with Zero, you mess with me!” cries out X as he uses his Nova Strike Beam technique (as seen in Megaman X 4). Vegeta easily cancels the beam with a Kamehameha he learned from Goku (or Kakarott if you prefer). “Now it’s my turn, kiddies!” says Vegeta with his trademark demented left lip rise grin as he charges up. The two robots then fuse to create Megaman Z. Vegeta is diverted from charging up due to this occurance. “What the hell…!? Those metallic rodents can fuse!? No matter! Now I only have one to work on! Thanks, y’all!” Vegeta says. MZ (Megaman Z), using a combinaton of Raijengeki (as seen in MMX4) and Nova Strike Beam, launches a Crush Shock Ray (I created this one). Even though diverted from charging up, Vegeta still gathered enough energy for a Gallet Gun. He fires it and destroys the Crush Shock Ray, Megaman Z, and just about the whole city.

Winner: (As always) Vegeta

By: Xenoi

Vegeta vs……Jabba the Hutt!!!

One day Vegeta was flying in his space pod then a comet hit his ship sending him to a nother galaxy where he landed on a strange planet he was disturbed by this planet then a strange big worm thing tried to eat him .He blasted at the worm the he bounced of his belly and hit Vegeta with his best shot at him Vegeta laughed at the worm and grinned at it he blasted it with his Gammit Gun and destrod the planet.

Winner: Vegeta

By Scott H.

Vegeta Vs……Furby!!!

One day vegeta was out shoping in walmart for some stuff to use for target practice and he saw a freaky little furry white thing on the shelf . He then looked to the left of hiim and saw a mob speeding twoard him one of the people in the mob grabbed the furby and ran off with it . Vegeta got really p.o.ed at that and blasted the person to the next dimension . Next he picked it up and left with it . When he got it home and opened it it started to talking in some weird language than it said atay obe which must’ve meant something like fuck you in sai-jin because than vegeta didn’t hesitate to destroy it but when Vegeta missed it the first time it only laughed and went to sleep . So vegeta woke the little freak up and stomped it .

WINNER : Vegeta ( thank the lord the furby is dead )

By Shikkadog

Vegeta vs……Mario!!!

Vegeta was quietly sitting down from the last fight with sailor moon and then he heard the doorbell ringing and he said “go away!” But the person at the doorbell just said “It’s a me Mario!” “Who the heck is Mario!” “It’s a me Mario! “Shut up before I come over there and send you into the next dimension just like I did to Nappa!!””But it’s a me Mario! “That’s it your finished you video game freak! “Vegeta slammed open the door knocking Mario without noticed. “Oww!” “Shut up!” As Vegeta was powering up to shoot his Gallet Gun Mario grabbed a happy little fire flower and stepped on it. Instenly he shot fire balls at Vegeta. Vegeta stared at him blankly laughed and blew him up.

Winner: Vegeta

By Debra A.

Vegeta vs……His drinking problem!!!

Few people know this, but Vegeta had a bad drinking problem. He started drinking when he was first defeated by Goku. Over the years, it became worse and worse. He felt he couldn’t go a day without drinking. He was prone to drunken rages, Bulma and Trunks began to repeatedly “fall down the stairs”. One day, as he was flying home after doing some heavy drinking, his vision became blurry. He rubbed his eyes, but he couldn’t see straight anymore. He tried to stop, but he found he couldn’t control his powers. They found his body three days later, imbedded in a mountain where he had crashed.

Winner: The Drinking Problem

By Alex T.

Vegeta vs. Vegeta X

At a park one night Vegeta was staring at the Half Moon that was wished back, he thought aloud “Why is Kakorot so much stronger?” Then a voice called out “BECAUSE YOUR WEAK!!!” “Why you! Who are you!” Vegeta Yelled. “I’m Vegeta X the ruler of Planet Vegeta 2! Some Sai-yans Survived 15 to be exact! We got on a ship just before it blew up! Then will found a deserted but well maintianed Planet! And the story goes on and on!” explained Vegeta X. “I’ll kill you now!!!” said Vegeta. Vegeta powers up SSJ2! “Is that all you got! Only level 2! LOL!!!!!!” said Vegeta X “Uhh!!!!!” Vegeta X powers up to SSJ3! “Prepare to DIE!! Vegeta!” yelled Vegeta X! “They begin to battle! It is discusting! Both of them chop of each others arms with a Distructo Disc! They both blast each other with a FINAL FLASH Then at the End! Vegeta X and Vegeta were both exausted! “My SSJ3 is as powerful as your SSJ2 Vegeta!” said Vegeta X! Then in an amazing turn of evens Vegeta and Vegeta X both do their Big Bang Attack at each other at the same time when thier 2 feet away from each oher! Both of them are Blasted to The Next Dimension!

Winner: NONE! Equal Strength! ^_^

By VegetaX

Vegeta Vs. The Animaniacs

Vegeta was flying over the Warner movie lot when he spotted three wierd looking dog things. He decided to land and see what they were. “What are you supposed to be?” “Were the warner brothers” “and the warner sister” said the dog things. Then they proceeded to ask if Vegeta wanted to be there special friend. “No i dont want to be your special friend!!!” They all made stupid sad faces to try to make Vegeta feel sorry for them, which dident work. The warner brothers and the warner sister started to bounce around in circles, then Vegeta grabbed Yacko by the neck and slammed him on the ground. “That wasnt very nice” said Dot, your so mean, you just need a hug!!! Dot hugged vegeta, “Get off of me you little freak!!!” Vegeta threw her into a wall. All this time Wacko had just been standing there, “I have to go potty” he said. “yyyyaaaaaaa!!!” Vegeta screamed and blasted him into the water tower, the water tower fell and crushed the nearby biuldings. “I had no idea that anything that disturbing could ever exist!!! said Vegeta

Winner: Vegeta

By: Amanda

Vegeta Vs. Rickie Lake

Rickie: “Ok, lets welcome our first guest, uhhh…, Vegeta.
Vegeta: “Hi, Why did you ask me to be on your show?”
Rickie: “We got a phone call from someone who wants to comfront you.”
Vegeta: “Who, I’ll kill em!!!”
Rickie: “Lets bring out Gohan!”
Gohan: “Hi Mrs. Lake!”
Rickie: “Just call me Rickie.”
Gohan: “Ok Mrs. Lake!”
Rickie: “So Gohan, you want to comfront Vegeta because your angry with him for trying to destroy the earth……..”
Gohan: “Thats right.”
Vegeta: (screaming) “Why you little brat, I’ll send you to another dimension!!!”
Rickie: “Vegeta, what kind of role model are you being for this little boy? As adults it is our duty to set a good example for kids. If all they see us doing is fighting and yelling, then how do you expect them to grow up as well adjusted individuals?”
Vegeta: “Shut the hell up Rickie!!!” (He throws her into a wall)
Gohan : “That wasn’t very nice Mr.. Vegeta!”
Vegeta: “Aaahhhh!!”! (Powers up and sends Gohan to another dimension)
Audience Member: “Girl,if that were my son, I would make him lose weight!!!”
Vegeta: “That doesn’t have anything to do with anything!!!” (Destroys the audience)
Rickie: (Trying to get out of the wall) “Vegeta, what makes you want to lash out at others?”
Vegeta: “Aaaaahhhhh! I thought I told you to SHUT UP!!!” (Anialates the hole studio)
Vegeta: “Well, I guess now they’ll have to call it the ” Burning Pile of What Used to be the Rickie Lake Show”

Winner: Vegeta

By: Amanda

Vegeta vs…….Steve Case!!!

One day Vegeta saw Trunks on the Computer. Vegeta says, “What the hell are you doing,” Trunks answers him, “I’m on AOL.” So Vegeta gets on and by mistake goes in a chat room. People are picking at Trunks because of his name(Screen Name: Tunks2245) Vegeta start cussing on the Computer calling everyone bitches and hoes. Then he starts to just get out of and with the cussing and just goes off. Then all Vegeta hears is Good-bye and AOL cuts him off for cussing in the chat room. Vegeta in a bit of rage just yells out “What the Fuck?!” Then Trunks explains to him that you cant cuss in the chat room. So Vegeta start to go crazy and asks “Who is the fucken creator of America Online.” Trunks thinking what the hell is wrong with my dad says “Steve Case.” So Vegeta goes out on a Rampage trying to find out who is Steve Case.(Kinda weird that he got pissed off cause of something like that.) So he finally finds the AOL C/O headquarters and finds Steve Case and jacks him up. What the hell is your problem not letting people cuss online. Well, Steve Case answers that “We have to make AOL suitable for all ages.” So then a pissed off Vegeta slaps Steve Case. Steve case then busts out in a bit of rage and slaps Vegeta back then hits him with a Ki blast. “What the fuck you have powers” “Of course you fucken vegetable head freak who doesn’t.” Vegeta responds “Your gonna pay for touching me and talking about my head. ::cackles heavily and raises the left part of his top lip.:: Steve case says, “Well well just see about that.” Vegeta powers up to SSJ and Steve Case doesn’t know what to do so he attacks Vegeta knocking the hell out of him. Vegeta comes back with some hits of his own and knocks Steve Case out Steve gets up and Powers up and attacks Vegeta there is nothing Vegeta can do but let Steve do what he has to do. Steve is Powering up even while he’s fighting how is he doing this Vegeta wonders. Then as Steve lays the smack down somemore on Vegeta. Then Vegeta notices that he can attack Steve when he punches cause Steve closes his eyes when he punches cause he is a little biotch. When Vegeta got his next opening Steve was through. “Your going to the NEXT DIMENSION BITCH.” Yells Vegeta. “Your ass is mine you son of a bitch.”(Notice how Vegeta loves to cuss.) Steve yells “Fuck you.” and with his final energy powers up and blasts the shit out of Vegeta. “You stinken bitch what the fuck is wrong with you.” Thinking you can fuck with the creater of AOL like that. Then Steve thinking he has won turns and walks away. All of a sudden there’s a big bang. Then Vegeta pops-up and goes to work on Steve. All the time he was whoopin’ Steve’s ass he was singing this, “I been workin on the little bitch all the live long day!!!” and so on. “So now look at you Steve your own the floor like a little bitch.” Then Steve says, “Fuck you bitch thats why I’ll never change it.” Thats pissed Vegeta off then he sent Steve not to the Next Dimension but two Dimensions over. So Vegeta finds Steve will and changes it and he put down that Steve left AOL to him. With that it now became VOL the online experience with the most cussing you ever heard.


By CTP0803

Vegeta vs…….Ranma

Vegeta was flying around (where ever Ranma lives in japan) And it turned out that they had the same power level they collided fireballs and they both got sent to the next dimeinsion.

Winner Draw

By Popop2345

Vegeta vs……Mr. Satan!!!

Vegeta was training in his gravity room when all of a sudden who should walk in but Mr. Satan. “I am Mr. Satan and when I’m though with you there won’t even be a greasy stain left.” In the middle of a complex fighting stance lifted an eyebrow (He hadn’t turned his head toward Mr. Satan yet.) and then exploded with laughter. He checked in his scouter and thought to himself:”He doesn’t even register! How pathetic!” and Mr. Satan said “I know I don’t register!” Vegeta dropped his jaw because he didn’t know that he could read minds. Mr. Satan then said, to Vegeta’s amazement,”Garlic Ho!” Vegeta came to his senses just in time to dodge the attack and to his amazement yet again the beam shattered into a million pieces and was re-absorbed by Mr. Satan. This time Vegeta waisted no time in doing his trademark machine gun move, the Renzukou Energy Dan. Each of his ki blasts Mr. Satan easily countered with one of his own. Vegeta charged up to Super Saiya-jin and started beating the sense out of Mr. Satan. Half an hour later Mr. Satan was standing there without a scratch and Vegeta was lying in a pool of sweat. “Give up?” Mr. Satan said blankly. “I haven’t even started to start my pre-warmups yet.” Vegeta retorted. In his mind Vegeta knew if Mr. Satan didn’t die or beg for mercy in the next ten seconds that he was in big trouble. He had already used nearly all his energy and couldn’t even maintain Super Saiya-jin 2 state. So he charged up to Ultimate Saiya-jin, that undefined state beyond Super Saiya-jin 1 but not quite Super Saiya-jin 2. He had already tossed Mr. Satan around like a ragdoll… and so he thought of an alternative plan and charged down. “Oh, you finally gave up, good.” Then Vegeta yelled “Ha! I already won! You see, I know that there is NO way that a loser like you could defeat me so this must be a dream…” Mr. Satan laughed yet said nothing. ” and furthermore,” Vegeta continued ” I control my mind, so you’re history.” Vegeta then stuck up the finger at him and yelled “Super Really Big Energy Blast That Is Really Gonna Hurt Figments Of My Imagination Who Think They Can Beat The Mighty Vegeta Attack!” Then a single thin ray which hardly seemed worthy of it’s excruciatingly long name blasted from the still extended finger and destroyed Mr. Satan. He then went on to become The Supreme Universal Deity and all the universe bowed to him… even Goku. And then he woke up.

Winner- Vegeta

By Ron B.

Vegeta vs……Kain!!!

One day Vegeta was walking in Tokyo and he happened to look up and see that a huge black energy guy was sucking these two people into another dimension. Vegeta, being all egotistical and stuff, got pissed because he’s the only one to send people to other dimensions. “You stupid assed baka!” Vegeta flew up and went inside the portal to another dimension and saw this one guy, all bashed up, and this girl, facing off against the ugly black dude with a big sword. Vegeta used his scouter to read the big black dude’s power level. It was around 48000. Vegeta laughed cuz his power level was 36,000,000 from going Super Saiyajin, so he did a Final Flash on the big ugly dude. The girl smiled at him and said, “Arigatou.” Vegeta wasn’t that nice of a guy, so he did a Galactic Donut on her that he had learned from Trunks. Achika didn’t die cuz she was juiced with Jerai energy, and she threw a phatty energy blast at Vegetable-boy. “Now I’m really pissed!” Vegeta went postal and powered up for his gallat gun, but since this attack was so strong it juiced him, so when he went back to earth, a little girl with a cabbit (a cross between a cat and a rabbit) asked him, “Who are you?” “Shut the hell up, baka!” vegeta said, and tried to attack but he was too weak. So Sasami attacked him with her little cabbit named Ryo- Ohki.

Winner: Ryo-Ohki?

By Rei, Sailor Vortex

Vegeta vs……VeGeTa InSaNe!!!

One day Vegeta was surfing the net when he happened upon a website called Vegeta Insane. “Hhhhhmmm, I wonder if its as good as The Namek Shrine.” he thought aloud, “Probably not” he muttered (HA!!!!!!!). But he entered the website and whats this?!?!?!?! A picture?!?!?!?! A PICTURE OF HIS BAD SIDE!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! “What Defiance Is THIS?!?!?!!?” He screamed. And zoomed off to TroyCass’s (or whatever the heck your name is) house. Crashing through the roof in a blaze of glory and flashy-entrance effects, he grabbed TroyCass and was about to kindly behead him in a SSSSSLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW way when he saw TroyCass was uploading Vegeta Vs. files. Cocking an eyebrow at the screen he saw several files where he was beaten…… BY SAILOR MOON AND VOLTRON!?!??!?!?! He was about to quickly behead TroyCass for putting up such trash when he saw stories from where he beat up Bob Dole, Tinky Winky and so on. “You shall live for now, thanks to HERNAN, THE MIGHTIEST FIGHTER IN THE GALAXY!!!!!” He screamed, and went to kill those who wrote him losing to the likes of Sailor Moon, and….and….and VOLTRON?!?!?!??!?!?!?

Winner: Vegeta Insane (because he’s still alive)

By Hernan

Vegeta VS Ranma (in the next dimeinsion)

On King Kai’s planet Vegeta found Ranma Vegeta:you again Ranma: yeah so. They got in a fight again.Ryoga comes out of nowhere.Ryoga:eat bandana you theif! Ranma:hiryu shoten ha! Ranma:Kayoken! Ranma throws Vegeta in hfil.

Winner Ranma

By Popop2345

Vegeta vs……Pee Wee Herman

One day Vegeta was channel surfing and he came across some green headed guy and some other weirdo . The second guy was making a wish and then the green head granted it . So after hewatched the show he deicied to go down to funimation the makes of pee wee’s play house and get sme wishes from the green guy. When he got there he made his own door the show was being broad casted live that day . So Vegeta flew ocer tot he box where the green head was and beat on it while yelling ” i want my wish damn it give me my wish ” . When pee wee herad him yelling he walked over to Vegeta and said leave jambialone he’s my friend and you can’t have him . ” well we’ll see about that gay boy ! ” said Vegeta . Then Peee wee powered up and started screaming asshole asshole ( it was there word of the day : ) ) Next Vegeta approched him in a cocky manner and flicked Pee wee . Pee wee went flying in to a wall and was killed then the box opened and said “don’t hurt me i’ll grant n-e wish you want just don’t hurt me ” Vegeta liked the sound of that and he ripped the box out of the wall and said i wish to be more powerful than kakorot . “but sir said ” jambi i can only do stuff like make you fly or have a hawian beach party/dinner . That was obviosly the wrong reply because Vegeta than proceed to place the box on the floor and stomp it to death . Suddenly Goku showed up using the hole Vegeta made in wall as a door and he said ” stop it Vegeta that was my favorite show ” “so what are you gonna do about it Kakorott ? ” said Vegeta . Then Goku showed him ” what he was gonna do about it because well than Vegeta got his ass copmplety whooped by a surprise attack from Miss Evon .

WINNER : Goku/ Miss Evon

By Shikkadog

Vegeta Vs……Martin and Gogita157

One day Vegeta was surfing the ineternet and he founnd a page called Vegeta insane . He really liked the site since it was a shire to himself but when he went to the mailbag section he noticed that some people didn’t like the site so he surfed over to their pages . When he got there he instantly started to laugh because the pages completly sucked ass . So Vegeta found these people’s adress and flew over to their houses one by one > First there was the home of Martin well his guy had stolen some stuff from a Vegeta page that was almost as good as Vegeta inasane >this promted Vegeta to punch the crap out of ” Martin ” Martin tried to plea for mercy but ther was no stoping an angry Vegeta . After finishing ” Martin ” vegeta flew to the person with the screen name Gogita157 This guy threatened Vegeta insane which Angered Vegeta more than “Martin ” did so Vegeta immediatly Final flashed Gogita157 and with out giving it another thought he blew up his home town along with it .

Winner: Vegeta / Vegeta insane /

By Shikkadog

Vegeta vs……Mr.T

One day Vegeta was walking across a street when a van came barrelling out of nowhere and slammed into him. “What the hell?” Vegeta said as the van actually knocked him to the ground. “My van is helluva-fast, foo!” a big black guy yelled out the driver’s side window as he drove off. Vegeta tried to pursue him, but the van is simply too helluva-fast to be chased down. “Hmmm… that must have been Mr. T… no one else has a van that helluva-fast.” So instead of chasing Mr. T down, Vegeta made Mr. T come to him by blowing up a nearby dairy. “Where the kids gonna get their milk now, foo?” Mr. T said as he approached Vegeta, who stood in the ruins of the dairy. “You hit me with your van… now you die.” Vegeta siad in response, and charged forward. Mr. T, without a word, picked Vegeta up and threw him helluva-far, causing him to collide with the Mir space station. Vegeta retreated, swearing revenge on Mr. T….

Winner: Mr. T (He can throw helluva-far!)

By Wesley C.

Vegeta vs……France

Vegeta was flying over France, when he saw that it was full of smarmy bastards. He couldn’t stand that, so he went down into a large crowd of French people and did a Final Flash! But the sheer smarminess of the French negated it. So instead, he yelled loudly in a German accent and all of the Frenchmen surrendered.

Winner: Vegeta (and the Germans)

By Wesley C.

Vegeta vs……Ludwig Van Beethoven!!!

Vegeta was listening to the radio one day when he turned to a classical station and it was playing Beethoven’s 9th! This annoyed Vegeta, so he dug up Beethoven’s grave and beat the snot out of the skeleton.

Winner: Vegeta

By Wesley C.

Vegeta vs……The Uber-Munchkin

Vegeta was walking down the street when he saw a skinny little guy sitting in a golden throne clearly labeled “Throne of Eternity.” Vegeta decided he wanted the throne, so he killed the guy sitting in it with a ki blast. But then there was a huge flame and the guy was ressurected! “I am the Uber-Munchkin! You Can’t kill me because I’m half phoenix!” Vegeta cocked an eyebrow at this, and when the guy returned in human form, he ripped both of his arms off. “Who said anything about killing you?” Vegeta then took the Throne of Eternity and walked off.

Winner: Vegeta

By Wesley C.

Vegeta Vs. Johnny Bravo & his hair.

One day, as Vegeta was walking through Aaron City, he was approached by a tall guy with blond hair even taller than his! “Are you a super saiyan?” “A what?” Vegeta got pissed, and went Super Saiyan 3, and his hair grew to about 9 feet long, and he proceded to beat Johnny Bravo to death with his hair.

Winner: Vegeta

By CodyWO

Vegeta vs… his romantic half?!

“Stupid Bulma…”, Vegeta muttered as he sat up for about the 40th time tonight to fluff his pillow. “Like I care if I ruined the candle-lit dinner she was preparing for us by blowing a hole in the roof…. not my fault if I can’t find the damned door.” Still muttering to himself, Vegeta got out from under his thin covers and strode into the kitchen. He opened the fridge door and stared into it, idly scratching his chest through his undershirt. A sneer pulled up the left side of his mouth as he quickly pulled out a jug of milk and tore the top off. “Let’s see what she thinks about this!”, he declared triumphently and promptly began chugging the entire thing. “You really shouldn’t do that Vegeta…”, a soft voice said from the other side of the kitchen. He whirled in suprise, the jug of milk falling from one hand and splashing what was left in it across his bare feet. Standing across his kitchen, _his_ kitchen, was a tall fellow with spikey but well combed brown hair, dressed in armor exactly like what he himself usually wore. He smiled in a friendly fashion and Vegeta had the weirdest impression he knew him…. ‘Bastard.’, was all he could think though. “Who the hell are you?!”, Vegeta snarled, an ominous blue glow surrounding one hand. Somehow he managed, to his mind anyway, to look very threatening in boxer shorts and undershirt. The other guy only sighed though and said sadly, “I’m your romantic side Vegeta…. you’re treating Bulma really badly you know. I’m here to stop you.” Vegeta was stunned for only a moment, “You’d be a lot smaller if you were my romantic half… bitch!”, he sneered, the glow around his hand glowing even brighter. This guy did look a lot like him…. but uglier of course. “How do you plan on beating me anyway?! I’m a Super Sayjin! The most powerful being in the galaxy! Destroyer of worlds and….” Before he could finish the romantic-Vegeta had leaped forward and grabbed him by the shoulders. It was then that Vegeta noticed the earring he wore…. an all to familer earring. His worst fears were confirmed when the other Vegeta held up another earing, exactly like it. “I’m sorry Vegeta…”, it said sadly, “But it has to be this way….” The next day a taller, handsomer, Vegeta got a Viagra prescription from Dr Briefs. That night Vegeta became the first Sayjin in history to go all the way to level 5…. he didn’t do it in combat though… and Bulma sure was happy about it the next day.

Winner: Vegeta

By Doctor Wes S., Mentat of Love.

Vegeta vs……Pokemon!!!

Vegita was walking through the woods. Then Ash jumps out of nowhere with Charizard, “Charizard, flame thrower” and hits Vegita. Vegita goes “you Basterd, you burned my leg hairs”, then Vegita points his fingers up and destroys Charizard and ash.

winner: Vegita

By Carole B.

Vegeta vs……Bill Gates!!!

Vegeta was flying around one day and was constantly annoyed that no matter where he went, he’d see SOMETHING about some company who call themselves “Microsoft”. It really started to annoy him. “If they’re so micro, why are they EVERYWHERE?” So he found out the company’s founder’s address and easily broke in. Inside he found a scraggly excuse for a man. “Are you Bill Gates? How can a creton like you be so prosperous?” Bill Gates simply shrugged. “No matter…now you die!” Vegeta charges up a final flash, but it fizzles out as soon as he tries to release it. “What the hell?” Bill Gates smirked “Sorry, we bought the rights to the name ‘Final Flash’ so you cannot use it any more.” Vegeta was enraged by this and began to fire his gallet gun, but it too fizzled. Bill Gates continued, “A matter of fact, all super powers of any sort are now copyrighted by Microsoft, so you can’t use them without my permission.” Vegeta immediately drops to the floor face first. “Oh, and we also have the rights to spiky haircuts.” Suddenly Vegeta’s mop disappears, leaving him with an oversized dome. “You’ll pay for this!” Bill Gates rested a hand on his chin, “A matter of fact, we bought out the company that makes your armor.” Vegeta’s armor disappears as well, leaving him standing only in a pair of boxers. Vegeta grumbles and stomps off out of the mansion. Bill Gates leans back in his chair. “I wonder if I should tell him that I bought that boxer short company too…” Suddenly Vegeta’s scream is heard in the distance.

Winner: Bill Gates (And his billions)

By Clay G.

Vegeta vs……Sailor moon… fans

One day, Vegeta was looking through his favorite site on the internet, Vegeta Insane, when he spotted that people thought he’d actually loose to some weak pansy females like sailor moon. He then looked up all there web adresses, and proceded to kill them all in order. If you’re one of the people who thinks to send more Sailor Imagenary warriors beating Vegeta (impossable, they couldn’t even beat Bacteria from Dragon ball, or.. dare I say it, Pan.) , think again. He’ll hunt you down and kill you like the idiots you are. And just to settle the case, one day, vegeta saw the Sailor Scouts, and ripped all there heads off, and ‘crushed them like grapes in the palm of his hand’ to quote, yep, you guessed it, Vegeta.

Winner: Vegeta

By CodyWO

Vegeta vs……Voltron

One day, as Vegeta was flying through the universe, he was attacked by a giant robot who tried to use him for a base ball. Sensing he was in danger, he pulled the giant sword from the stupid robot’s hand, and proceded to beat it until dead. End of story, case dismissed, roll credits.

Winner: Vegeta

By CodyWO

Vegeta vs…..Robotech!!!

One day, Vegeta was traveling the universe in his ‘sayan pod’, when he happened across a ship that looked a lot like an Aircraft Carrier. Unable to stop in time, his pod rammed the ship, coming to stop inside the unknown vessel. The stunned citizens of an onboard city came to gawk at his ship, and a Giant Robot resembling a Wasp, or a Stinger from the Battletech universe was walking over to him, with a gun leveled. Vegeta got pissed. Battletech was one of his favorite book series. He put down the book he was currently reading due to the long travel time, and opened the pod. “I’ll teach you all to immitate one of the greatest book lines of all time! You’re stuff is so pathetic, I can take it out.” He proceded to blow up everything inside the SDF-1, and then blew up the ship itself. He was then assaulted by over a million cucumber shaped ships, which he proceded to destroy with a single blast from his Gallet Gun.

Winner – duh, Vegeta.

By CodyWO

Vegeta vs……Everyone who’s ever tried to beat him

One day Vegeta got pissed, and killed everyone who ever beat him in a fight. The end.

Winner: Vegeta

By CodyWO

Vegeta vs……Beavis and Butthead

One day Beavis and Butthead were sitting on the curb, eating nachos in the lot of the QuikEMart. Suddenly, Vegeta and Bulma walk up to the center of the convenience store. At once, Butthead’s eyes bulge at the sight of Bulma. Immediately, he walks up and starts to make a pass at her. “Uh, hey baby, huh huh,” he says. “You’re like, pretty hot.” Vegeta becomes enraged at this and pounds the living crap out of Butthead. Van Driessen spots them and jumps in between Vegeta and (the now beaten and bruised) Butthead. “Let’s make love not war, mmkay?” he says. Vegeta growls and blasts Van Driessen, blowing him apart in a blaze of light. Butthead looks stunned. “Dude, uh huh huh, that’s like, the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” While Vegeta grins with Saiya-Jin pride, Beavis cops a feel of Bulma. Noticing this, Vegeta blasts off Beavis’s right hand. “Hey! Heh m heh heh…,” Beavis says,”I need that for like , um, stuff…” Then Beavis, who has had a little too mch soda and Fruity-Whip, let’s out an explosive fart, decimating everything in sight. Then Butthead, who’s the only one laft besides Beavis says..”Dammit Beavis, you fartknocker!..You like, killed the hot chick, huh uh huh huh..I was gonna score!”

Winner: Beavis and Butthead

By Michelle R.

Vegeta vs……Mortal Kombat

One day, as Vegeta was traveling through the various dimensions, he came across a group of people fighting in a tournament. Knowing no fight was an actual battle without him, he came, and killed everyone in it, including the idiot with a skull mask on. He then went somewhere else, and killed sailor moon…. again.

Winner: Vegeta

By CodyWO

Vegeta vs…..The Pillsbury Doughboy

One day Vegeta went to the fridge like he does whenever he gets out of the gravity room.He noticed a little cylinder with a picture of a fat lil’ doughboy on it. He didn’t know what was in the cylinder but he was hungry so he took it out anyways. He took it into the gravity room and opened it up and a fat lil’ Doughboy popped out and hit Vegeta on the face.Vegeta shoved his finger through the doughboy’s stomach. The doughboy made made a weird sounding giggle and regenerated.Then the Doughboy flew towards Vegeta but missed and hit the gravity button and changed the gravity to 150 X’s Earth’s normal gravity. The doughboy started to shrink and he said” nooooo, too much gravity”. Then he exploded and dough flew everywhere and Vegeta lifted an eyebrow and returned to the refrigerator.

Winner: Vegeta

By SS Trunks

Vegeta vs……Carson Daily

Vegeta vs. Carson Daily One little day Vegeta was walking in to nyc and he spotted time square he flew there and looked around for something fun to destroy. He found that there was a guy looking down a window straight at his eyes. “Basterd heh,”Vegeta said as he flew up right infront of the window where carson daily was He shouted,”big bang attack” and blew up the window. Inside was carson daily still alive,The suprised Vegeta look at him and said,Wow! Carson Daily said,”Yo mon you need some music here are some cds get in tract with the latest music! Carson Daily suddenly kept throwing a bunch of sharped edge cds at Vegeta and sliced vegeta’s head up in half. He suddenly fell to the ground with his half chopped off head Carson daily put on some headphones on and just said,”Here is nsync at #1 with I drive my self crazy! YEAH BABE

Winner: Carson Daily

By TrunksTT

Vegeta vs…..Bob Vila

One day Vegeta was flying along the planet “build” and saw a super fast builder. Vegeta asks “who are you”. he wouldnt answer so Vegeta said “tell me you fool”. He said no and got pissed and threw a wrench at Vegeta. Vegeta pissed like you wouldnt imagine charges at Bob and hits a brick house that Bob built in .001 seconds. Vegeta turns super saiyan but Bob has some tricks up his sleves. Vegeta about to attack gets hit in the back with hammer. Vegeta confused turns around and sees “the legendary builder……… TIM ALLAN”. Bob and Tim fuse to form Boballen. Vegeta gets hit with a series of pieses of wood. He turns ssj 2!! It is no match. He gets hit with a house and a bunch of objects made by boballen. Then out of nowhere comes Bulma. She uses BRUTE RAY and Vegeta tuns…….SSJ 4. Vegeta uses Final Flash and Big Bang attack. They are pretty much dead. Vegeta has a choice of kicking them and killing them or using a ki attack. Knowing Vegeta he uses a “GALLIC HO” and finishes off the whole planet.

Winner: Vegeta

By WizeGuy007

Vegeta vs……NSYNC!!!

One day Vegeta heard a horrible sound. He checked his scouter and saw 5 men. All with a powerlevel of.001. Vegeta goes over to check it out. He gets there and says ” QUIT IT”. They all look up and see him. They get extremely ticked and the head of the crew turns SUPER SAIYAN. The other 4 form a mega fusion and form Perfectsync. Vegeta goes down and kicks the head singers head off. Vegeta turns and takes a reading on Perfectsync. Vegeta laughs at the powerlevel. It was a steaming 4.0 compared to Vegetas 400,000,000. Vegeta goes down and uses an eye laser that absorbed inside Perfectsyncs head and blew it up from the inside. Vegeta was about to leave when he turns around and sees a heard of psyco girls. He turns ssj but there was too many. Then out comes Gotenks and uses a Super Kamakazee Ghost attack 300 in one shot. The girls were blown up or ran for their life. Gotenks left but Vegeta was caught by the police. Vegeta was so pissed that when he was in jail he broke out of every cell they put him in and then he flew up and blew up the whole planet.

Winner: Vegeta

By Wizeguy007

Vegeta vs……Dracula

One day Vegeta stopped at a hotel to rest from his training. He sees an odd looking man with long teeth. Vegeta said ” I am the great Saiyan Prince give me a room for free. Of course if you dont I can always send you into the next dimension”. Dracula responded by ” you arent special enough to me to have a room for free you pay full price like every one else”. “Who is every one else you fool!”. ” Do not say bad things about my hotel”. “I will send you into the next dimenson like I said.” Dracula said ” thats it” and performed a solar flare like move and then there was nothing. All of a sudden there was a bat sucking Vegeta’s neck. He turned into a somewhat vampire himself. Somehow Vegeta couldnt take it and died. Somehow Vampires and saiyan blood dont mix. I am not sure what happened but Vegeta was able to come back dead and was like a vampire. This means that Vegeta could suck the blood of any one and instead of them turning into a vampire they would die because Vegeta was dead. He bit Dracula and thought it tasted good ( Dracula died) so he rampaged on and bit everyone he could find. Vegeta was soon the ruler of the universe.(only one universe)

Winner: Vegeta

By Wizeguy007

Vegeta vs…..Smurfs

One day Vegeta was walking through the forest . When all of a sudden he sees many tiny little crazy blue people. Then the grandpa comes out of his small little red mushroom and says ” What the hell are you doing on the smurfs turf.” Vegeta answers ” What the HELL are you tiny little fruit-cakes.” The smurf said ” We aren’t tiny little fruit-cakes, it isn’t our fault we are so tiny and blue it is our heretage, do you have a problem with that.” Then Vegeta said, ” What if I do, What are you guys going to do about it HAHAHAHA! ” Then grandpa smurf powers up and does a kamehamaha sort of move and nothing happened to Vegeta, he just laughs,( HAHAHAHA…!). Then grandpa smurf gets really mad, and powers up for another attack, called the smurf-town spirit bomb and blasts Vegeta to kingdom kong. For twenty years, Vegeta has trained with the almighty King Monkey, from the planet Kingdom Kong. He learned the almighty monkey dama, and other moves like the monkey bomb, and the spirit monkey. When Vegeta comes back to fight the smurf, they all fused together to make Super-smurf which was 1 foot tall, and 3 lbs. Vegeta finally got enough energy to kill Super-smurf but, they blocked it. The Super-smurf bit Vegeta in the leg, but Vegetas blood was fused with Dracula’s blood from last fight, and the Super-smurfs died qiut painfully, and came back as one of Vegeta’s hench-men and Vegeta’s army of the dead kil other people and take over the whole world, and the whole universe. THE END!

Winner: ( of course did you like the ending) Vegeta

By WizeGuy007

Vegeta vs………..Batman and Robin

One day Vegeta was walking in Gotham City and spotted something strange……. a stick up! Vegeta went over to check it out. Then Vegeta was about to kill them all when out of nowhere comes Batman and Robin. They catch the bankrobbers and they are jailed. Vegeta gets mad that it wasnt him who caught them and goes to find out who them two are. He finds out who they were. He heads to the mansion and blows it up with a big bang attack. He sees Robin pull in with his mortorcycle then takes off his helmet and looks up and sees Vegeta. He asks ” was it you who did this to my mansion.” Then Batman pulls up and takes one of his gadgets and uses it on Vegeta. ” HAHAHAHAHA”, said Vegeta. “Your foolish tricks are annoying.” He uses speed and comes out behind Batman and kicks him in the back of the head. He then uses pure speed and comes up behind Robin and blows him halfway through the ground. Batman recovers and throws something at Vegeta. Vegeta turns around and throws a destructo-disc at Batman and then there was 2 halves of Batman lying on the ground. Vegeta starts heading away and then a figure was in the fog. Vegeta asks ” who is there?” The figure replied ” the one who is sending you into the next dimension.” Then Vegeta and the mystery man both threw a ki at each other. Vegeta threw a Final Flash and the mystery man got real buff and threw a KAMEHAMEHA at Vegeta and nearly killed each other. As the parametics were taking the other man away he realized that it was Albert who was his opponet. Vegeta said ” how can such a weak man almost kill me?” He was so angry that he couldnt live with himself and self-destructed blowing up the whole universe.

Winner : Draw

By Wizeguy007

Vegeta vs….. The Couch!

“…Stupid Bulma.” Vegeta said as he spread a sheet across the couch in front of him. By his reckoning, he *should* have been upstairs getting himself some sweet love right then. But Bulma had kicked him out of the bed and made him go sleep on the couch, claiming that he snored. So he was forced to sleep on the couch. With a a grunt, he plopped down on the couch and immediately shattered the frame. “Bulma’s gonna be really pissed now… she just bought that couch.” Vegeta said, the left side of his mouth beginning to curl up. He put all the cushions from what was left of the couch together and laid down on those, but even then he just couldn’t get a good night’s sleep. …The next night, Vegeta made sure to lay down as carefully as he could on the couch he had superglued together and found that, despite his short sdtature, there wasn’t enough rom on the couch for him to sleep comfortably! He was too tired to blast the couch into any other dimensions, though, so he just tried to get the sleep he could. When he woke up the next morning, he found that he had slept with his back really out of shape and was paralyzed from the neck down. And Bulma still refused to let him sleep on the bed no less!

Winner: The couch and Bulma

By Wesley C.

Vegeta vs….. Kitty!

“I’ll blast you into another dimension!” Vegeta said, looking down at the small kitten before him. “Stop looking at me like that!” he said in frustration. The kitten looked back at him. “…Stop it!” The kitten, a tiny little cat with mottled fur and large eyes, looked back up at Vegeta, then extended a paw and touched him lightly on the shin. “….I’ll…. errr..” Vegeta trailed off as he began to lose his will to fight. The kitten let out a cute little mewing sound. “Aw… I can’t destroy anything that cute!” Vegeta said as he gave Kitty a saucer of milk and left.

Winner- Kitty.

By Wesley C.

Vegeta vs….. A La-Z-Boy!

“What? How dare you block access to my television! Prepare to be sent to the next dimension!” Vegeta’s voice rang out when he saw the new chair that sat in his living room. It had what appeared to be leather upholstery, and obscene amounts of paddin in every cushion. A lever pointed upwards on the right side of the chair. Vegeta stared at the chair. It sat there. He stared at it some more. It looked really comfortable. Vegeta tried to keep his willpower. The chair seemed to call his name… Its inviting cushions seemed like they would provide just the perfect amount of cushion against his posterior. “Oh, fine, I’ll sit for five minutes!” Vegeta snapped at the chair. He was asleep by the time he hit the seat.

Winner- The La-Z-Boy

By Wesley Carscaddon

Vegeta vs… God! ….Trick question, Vegeta is God.

By Wesley C.

Vegeta vs….the Backstreet Boys

NOw that all alof you know Vegeta our sai-jin prince has really sensitve ears we can get on with the story . After fighting the nsuckers Vegeta heard another horrible sound . This time it was The back street boys .They were on tour and in the middle of simging back streets back . Well Vegta wouldn’t stand for the noise they were making so he flew over to the stage where they were singing and said you damn back door boys shut up your singing sux ass !!!!!!!!! But suddenly the backdoor boys powered up . Vegeta checked his scouter and said hahahahahahahaha .0000000000000000000000000000000000000001 thats it . Next Vegeta procied to kick the shit out of them one by one . After Vegeta finished off the back door boys he picked up the mike and started to sing . ” every body ” ( girls in the audience ) yeah “wants my body ” yeah “every body wants my body right , I’m a bad ass alright . Later on channel 2 news the broad caster says “there is a new one hit wounder one the move on up his name is ………………………………… Vegeta Chan all the girls in the nation are crazy over him and his hit every body wants my body ”

Winner :Vegeta ( DUH )

By Shikkadog

Vegeta vs….AOL!!!

“Traped!!”Vegeta said as he somehow in his ackward mind got traped in a little tiny computer.He looked around and punched on a button that said AOL.It moved him to a different screen and a sound said “welcome” “Ahh, where the hell did this sound come from!”Vegeta said “Die now!”said a weird voice on this screen A bunch of flying viruses flew around trying to cut vejita apart.Suddenly vegeta’s beeper rang. “Dad,Dad Your stuck in a computer do a psychic galatic ho and it will burn the computer virus and get you out of the computer,”Trunks said over his beeper so Vegeta did so. He did a psychic galatic ho and a weird beam went through the screeen of the mini compaq computer and it broke open. Vegeta was no once again the hero

Winner: Vegeta

By TrunksTT

Vegeta vs…..Ako!!!

One, day, while in Gaviton city (Why? Not a clue), Vejeta is walking around, minding his own business, when a missle strikes him in the back of the head. He barely feels the brunt of the blow, but a single hair on his head goes crooked. “Ahhhhh! Whoever did this is going to hell!” says Vejeta as he looks for energy signatures, finding two. He walks over to see Ako and Bko fighting once again. Looking at the two, he sees that one is in a mechanical suit of armor, shooting missles and one other who seems to be fighting with just brute force. “What is that blue-haired girl? A cyborg? I hate cyborgs!”, says Vejeta as he ki-blasts Bko into another dimension. Ako looks at Vejeta with anger. “Hey! She was a nasty bitch, but that was uncalled for!” Shouts Ako. Vejeta laughs and flicks a finger, the shockwave bowiling Ako over. Ako gets up, takes off her heavy-control bracelts, and runs up to Vejeta, punching him in his head. She knoks two hairs off of his head, “No way some human brat is this strong! You have potential… but you have touched the sacred hair! You die now!” Vejeta flicks a finger again, but now touches her, knoking her head off a-la Liu Kang’s fataility in Mortal Kombat 1. “Akooooooooooooo! Noooooooooooo!” wails Cko, who’s shirieks bowl Vejeta over. She runs up, and, extending her mouth to maxium width, eats him before he can even move a muscle. “Yuck! That tasted like vegetables!” says Cko. It is her last words as a Super Sayijn levil 12,000 Vejeta explodes from her chest a-la Alien, his hair compleately limp. “God damn it! It took me three years, 100 brushes and 10,000 gallons of spray to get my hair like that, and you ruined it!” Vejeta, not even realizing that his power level is so damn high, rushes off to get the Dragon Balls to wish back his hair. Somewhere else on earth, Goku senses a power level so great he craps his pants in fear.

Winner: Vejeta (but not without a terriable price!)

By Patrica M.

Vegeta vs……Spam!!!

One day, Vegeta was hungry, so he went to the fridge in his larger than it looks Saiya-Jin Pod. He looked in, and it was packed with cans of completly inedable garbage. “Damn Bulma, Her dad’s been messing around with my Fridge again. I hope He didn’t mess with my Cuppichino maker.” Vegeta took out one of the cans, it said Spam. He decided it didn’t look as bad as what he was eating when everyone first saw him (the insect-thing). He took out a fork, and opened the can. He tried stabbing the Spam with a fork, but it was so ineffective, the fork broke. He got out his trusty Saiyan Chopsticks, and tried to dig in, but they too broke. Vegeta was getting pretty pissed by then. “You should know better than to Oppose VEGETA!” He blasted the Spam with his Final Flash, but it didn’t work. “DAMN!” He tried a big bang attack, but that soo did not work. Getting really iritated, he went Super Saiyan, and tried again, but nothing he did worked. Finally, he just swallowed the mass whole, and later died from food poisoning.

Winner-Draw (the spam did get eaten, remember?)

By CodyWO

Vegeta vs…..Goku at Final Bout!!!

One dya Vegeta was strolling thru town when he entered the local import shop. Hmm… he said to himself. He bought an import playstation and Dragonball: Final Bout. When he got to Capsule Corporation HQ, he played for a while and then he called Goku and told him to come over. When Goku arrived, Vegeta told him to sit down. He turned on the Playstation and said “Kakarot, you have beaten me many times, but now it’s my turn to beat you!”. At the character select screen Vegeta obviosly dhose Super Vegeta and Goku chose SSJ Goku. The fight was short and sweet: Vegeta had played for 3 hours straight, Goku had never even touched a Playstation. Vegeta finished Goku of with 5 Meteo Smashes and a Final Flash.

Winner: Vegeta

By Go10ks

Vegeta vs…..Ash!!!

IT has been some time since the bizarre adventures of Ash, faithful S-MART employee and ass kicker of the Evil Dead, and the normal life of a sporting goods clerk had begun to once again settle itself into a mediocre tedium. That is until VEGETA came! Vegeta had just started settling down as well. Now a married man with a child. He was sent by his wife Bulma to get milk, super-sayian absorbent diapers, some hoi-poi capsules, and some feminine hygiene products. The only problem was that the S-mart had just had a grand re-opening as the Gigantic Super S-mart. Vegeta could not bring himself to believe he could get “lost” and did not ask for any assistance and soon stumbled into the sporting goods department…. Vegeta came up to the gun counter and laughed, “So these are the puny toys they call weapons here?!!!HAHAHA!”. Vegeta’s attention was then caught by a beaten,sawed-off,shot gun mounted above the counter with the inscription “BOOM STICK”. Vegeta then screamed, “What a piece of crap! Nothing compared to my gallet gun!” Ash responded, ” Hey buddy, That’s top of the line US craftsmanship! That baby saved my life more time than I got fingers. In fact let me tell you about my adventures in the medieval times…” Ash’s often told tale was cut short by Vegeta’s hand clenched around Ash’s throat. “I don’t care about your so called adventure at some crazy theme restaurant. I am the Prince of Saiyans and could crush you like a flea. I’ve died and come back to life just to spit on the graves of my enemies!” Ash forcefully pushed Vegeta off and said, “I’m sorry sir, but I’m gonna have to ask you to leave the store.” Vegeta looked at his scouter and saw Ash only had 100 power! Vegeta laughed and sent Ash flying it the glass gun cases. SMASH! Vegeta began walking away laughing loudly until…. The laughter is drowned out by the roar of a chain saw! Ash rises from the shattered gun cases with his trusty saw and his dismounted “BOOM STICK” strapped to his back. In a low voice Ash asks, ” Who wants some?” Vegeta then looks at this new opponent with the scouter to see his power has doubled! Vegeta knows this is still a pitiful low power so he pulls some “INSTA-GRO” sabi-men out of his pocket and throws them at Ash. Five sabi men begin to pummel Ash but he keeps on coming. Ash fires up his saw and slices, dices and Julie-Ann French fries the sabi-men deadite style into the other dimension! Vegeta cannot believe what he sees! A human with the ability to increase his power the more he gets his ass whooped! With Ash’s power now near super saiyan levels Vegeta powers up his secret ANTICLERKSUPERATTACK! and yells out “Manager!” As if from nowhere A portly mustached man with a tie and name badge that says “MR. SATAN” pops up and declares ” How may I help you sir?” Vegeta then says “This employee was being rude to me. I think I’ll go elsewhere for my business” Mr. Satan leers at Ash and then apologizes to Vegeta. He the makes the broken and bloody Ash apologize and then help Vegeta find all his items. After vegeta checks out Mr. Satan then kisses Vegeta’s pearly white ass and licks his boots clean! Ash has to take a mop and bucket for a cleanup in aisles 6-14 wiping, mopping, and picking up sabi-man bits.


By Curtis C.

Vegeta vs…..Duke Nukem!!!

Duke: I dont care if you are a prince, i hate all aliens!
Duke shouts as he unloads a couple of rounds.
Vegeta: Why you little brush headed fool! YOUR DEAD!!! AAAAHHHHHH!
Duke: Err…. ok. Anyway, you cant be talkin about my hair, HA HA HAA!
Vegeta: What do you mean?!
Duke quickly takes out his pocketbook, feels around inside, finds a mirror and hands it to Vegeta.
Vegeta: Oh my god! So this is what happends when you dont wash.
Duke: Oh, I was wonderin what that smell was.
Duke: What is it with this “fool” thing all the time? Oh, by the way, what shoe size it that, 6? Heh.
Vegeta: WHY YOU LITTLE… uhh…
Duke: Take your time.
Duke: LOL, that was a good one. Umm… why are just sittin here talken we should be fighting?!
Vegeta: Hmm… your right.
Vegeta lifts his hand, and nicly blows Duke’s head off.

Winner: Vegeta

By Krypt

Vegeta Vs Piccolo and Ryu (of Street Fighter) in a massive free for all.

All three warriors stand each facing eachother. Vegeta’s scouter read Ryu at 3000 and Piccolo at 18,000 equal to him but Ryu could hide his power level and Vegeta knew this. Ryu lunged at Vegeta and they went at it with repeated punches. Out of nowhere Piccolos fist crossed Ryu who fell to the ground and elbowed Vegtea in the face. Then the turbin and cape fell to the ground.Both Vegeta and Ryu charged up Piccolo felt a power Ryu’s level was increasing over 20,000. All of a sudden 30,000. Vegeta to powered to about 30,000 and the fired. Each fire ball hit Piccolo head on. he fell to the ground. Ryu and Vegeta began fighting again blowing things up across the land. Both Vegeta and Ryu then sensed a power. and heard the words “Special Beam Cannon” they saw Piccolo’s battered body standing up and they beam heading towards them. They braced for impact The explosion made a crater in the gound and sent Ryu and Vegeta into another dimension.

Winner: Piccolo (by an antenna)

By: vampirehunterd1


Vegita walked down onto the train station and looked around. Bulma told him to come and meet Trunks here or else she wouldn’t fees him for a year. Damn woman! He thought. His throat was dry so he wondered over to a coke machine and put one dollar in the slot. Scanning the options he finally pushed Sprite. He waited. And waited. And waited. No Sprite. “PIECE OF SHIT!” he shouted. He drew back his fist and slammed into the machine. It went right through. Then about ten drinks shot out of the hole and came flying out the Saiya-Jin. “You dare challenge me!” he announced. As he dodged each flying can more came out. One caught him across the face. “KUSO!” He brought his hands together. “FINAL FLASH!!!” A huge blast shot from his hands and smashed the machine into tiny bits. “That’ll teach ya!”


By Matt

Vegeta vs. Mario (A little fairer then last)

One day Vegeta was walking in an open field in italy and he stumbled across Mario. Mario acidentaly bumped into him and Vegeta gets enraged at this. “You fool!! Now you will die!”, Vegeta says. So Vegeta starts punching and kicking Mario but before he can deliver the final blow Mario catches him by suprise and fights back getting a few hits off. Suprised at this, Vegeta grabs him and throws him into the air preparing to finish him with a final flash. He brings his hands together and screams “Fina.. Ugh”. Out of nowhere Luigi smashes him into thne ground with his feet and jumps off. Vegeta comes back to his senses and raises up and yells at Luigi, “YOU FOOL!! NOW YOU WILL DIE WITH YOUR FRIEND!!!”. But while in the air Mario regained conciousness and powered up and before Vegeta got to attack Luigi, Mario shot down hundreds of fireballs resembling a Renzouku Energy Dan. Mario sure he has finished Vegeta off, runs to Luigi and they celebrate. But as the smoke clears and the fire burns out a burnt up Vegeta emerges with extreme rage and goes Super Saiya-jin. He procedes to beat the crap out of Mario and Luigi with punches and kicks. “No more surprise attacks!!!”, he screamed. Confident he cant lose, Vegeta stands and lets them regain their power. They slowly stand up. But little does Vegeta know they have a trick up their sleeve. They pull a Super Mushroom out of their pockets and eat them. Their strength doubles as they both shoot multiple fireballs at Vegeta. He gets hit by a few but dodges the rest. Unfortunatley for the Mario Brothers, Vegeta was stronger than both of them combined. He fires a final flash at them but they quickly jump into the sky out of sight. They land and Vegeta quickly takes both of them on as they exchange punches, Vegeta getting more off. Vegeta finds an opening and knees Luigi in the gut. Luigi cringes in pain on the ground as Vegeta fights Mario with one hand, pointing his palm at Luigi with the other. Vegeta shouts “BIG BANG ATTACK!!!!!!” as he fires one at the injured Luigi. This attack blows Luigi to bits. As Mario sees his dead brother he gets furious and gets faster and is beating the overconfident Vegeta in the attack. Then Vegeta sees he is being to overconfident and jumps out of the attack a good distance. Vegeta then powers up to his full extent. Mario does the same. Mario quickly jumps up high into the sky out of sight. Vegeta knows if he shoots he will miss since he can’t see Mario. Then fireballs come down on Vegeta from all angles. These fireballs are really pissing Vegeta off so he jumps into the sky, getting damaged by the fireballs. He spots Mario in the air and Vegeta knows Mario can’t fly so now he is a sitting duck. Vegeta powers up and brings his hands together screaming “FINAL FLASH!!!” as the beam hits Mario and kills him. Vegeta lands and walks off laughing his usual laugh.

Winner- Vegeta

By ShrineNite

Vegeta vs. Surge Drinkers

One rainy day in a back alley of Satan City, five men gather to compete in an obstacle course for the ultimate prize, a can of Surge. Vegeta had entered thinking that he would overcome his adversaries quite easily and claim his prize. With the couches and trash cans in place, and the five men lined up, the ref screams “SURGE!!!!!,” and the race begins. One of the men, Dale, gets off to an early lead as the racers hurdle a couch. Seeing this, Vegeta raises his hand to send Dale to another dimension, but is interrupted as Mark pushes him over into a flaming trash can. Now extremely pissed, Vegeta powers up and launches forth at blazing speeds. Easily passing the other 4, he reaches anxiously for the can of surge. Grasping the can victoriously, he busts it open to quench his thirst. Immediately increasing his power level to astronomical heights, he unleashes an enormous aura of pure energy that completely disintegrates everyone else except the ref. Being fully loaded, Vegeta springs towards the ref, but is surprised as the ref removes his referee clothes revealing himself as Mr. Popo. Mr. Popo pulls out a super soaker full of Super Magic Holy Water and drenches Vegeta with it. The water cleanses Vegeta of evil and they both leave together for a frothy mug of water.

Winner: Everyone
(No more bad Vegeta, Gohan will be happy!)

By Goat Roast

Vegeta Vs. Iron Man and War Machine

One day in America, Vegeta was flying around when he spotted a robbery. He saw two machines fly in and arrest the thieves. Vegeta thought they might be a good challenge so he walked up to the one in red and gold and asked him to fight. He replied that he has too much work to do with enforcing the law. Vegeta smirks, points a finger, and causes a building to collapse killing many people. Vegeta laughs and then flies to a good fighting area. Of course the red guy, Iron Man and the silver guy, War Machine follow him. Iron Man makes his threats that Vegeta will pay. Vegeta laughs and charges at War Machine, getting many punches and kicks off in the process. Then to Vegeta’s suprise, he gets hit in the back with a jolt of energy from Iron Man. Vegeta falls and War Machine backs away catching his breath. Vegeta forgot he could not sense their ki since they are androids. Vegeta jumps back up and compliments them on their power, but says it is still not enough. Iron Man uses his jets and headbutts Vegeta in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. War Machine then rushes behind him and fires off a missile. Iron Man flies up and fires a beam from both of his hands at Vegeta. Then he comes down at lightning fast speed and smashes him feet down on Vegeta’s body. He jumps off thinking he has defeated him and watches the smoke clear. Vegeta’s body lays limp on the ground from the attacks. War Machine walks over to Vegeta and bends over and says to Vegeta’s face, “It doesn’t pay to break the law now does it???”. Vegeta brings his hands together and fires off a ki at War Machines body and screams, “FINAL FLASH!!!!!”. War Machines body lands in the distance as Vegeta gets up and smirks. Iron Man powers to his full extent as sparks fly from his armor. He fires two gigantic beams from his hands at Vegeta. Vegeta manages to avoid them but is knee’d in the back by a damaged War Machine. Vegeta falls forward but is knee’d in the gut by Iron Man. He then repeatedly punches Vegeta in the gut. Vegeta then gets agrivated and screams. Iron Man is blown away from the power. Vegeta then turns Super Saiya-jin seeing how it is his only chance. He charges at Iron Man throwing punches and kicks at him. Iron Man gets knocked back and Vegeta then fires a beam of ki from one hand at War Machine. The injured android only manages to dodge part of it but it blows off his left arm. Vegeta diverts his attention back to Iron man and delivers a powerful blow at his chest. He breaks the metal and sparks fly out and Iron Man’s head drops and he doesn’t move. Vegeta raises a brow but then realizes he must have destroyed the power pack. He then flys full force at the damaged War Machine. But War Machine shoots a missile before Vegeta can reach him and it knocks Vegeta back for a second. War Machine’s armor opens up on two sides and you can see a beam being charged. Vegeta knows he must stop this so he prepares a Big Bang Attack. But he gets hit in the back by a jolt of energy. He then turns and sees Iron Man standing and holding an arm out. Then Vegeta sees that he must have partly damaged the power pack instead of completely. Vegeta then extends a hand to him, fires a ki at him and screams “BIG BANG ATTACK!!!!!!”. The blast blows Iron Man to pieces. Vegeta laughs but turns to see War Machine blasting an enourmous beam of energy at him. Vegeta then brings his hands together, realeases a beam of ki and screams “FINAL FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!”. The beams collide but War Machine’s beam overwhelmes Vegeta’s beam and it hits Vegeta and explodes. War Machine falls to one knee after using up almost all of his power. When the dust clears Vegeta is seen extremely hurt on the ground in his normal form. War Machine attemps to finish him off with a missile but completely misses and collapses due to his low power. Vegeta crawls over to War Machine and knows he has only one chance. Vegeta brings his fists over his head and smashes down on War Machines power pack. After using up almost all his energy Vegeta collapses next to War Machine. Vegeta wakes up later almost completely recovered, and he sees that War Machine is still there due to the damaged power pack. Vegeta fires multiple ki blasts at his body and blows a big hole through his chest and breaks other parts. Then he dusts himself off and walks off laughing.

Winner- Vegeta

By ShrineNite

Vegeta vs. Kirby

One day Vegeta was flying around when he spotted an island. He landed there and started looking around. Then he ran into a little pink thing named Kirby. He looks down at him and says, “What’re you looking at?”. Kirby doesn’t move. Then Vegeta gets angry and shouts “STOP LOOKING AT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Still Kirby doesn’t move. Vegeta charges his ki in one hand and Kirby jumps back. Vegeta throws it at him, but Kirby easily shrinks so he his tight against the ground. Vegeta raises a brow at this as the ki goes past. Kirby then gets back to his original position. Vegeta brings his hands back and says “Dodge this!”. He brings them together and screams “FINAL FLASH”. The blast flires towards Kirby and right before it hits him he opens him mouth and sucks it in. Vegeta screams “WHAT!?!?!?”. He shakes his head and looks again to see if Kirby really did that. Just then the same ki flies out of Kirby’s mouth, but this time its target is Vegeta. Vegeta jumps to the side dodging it. Vegeta then realizes that Kirby is weak and if he doesn’t fire off another ki Kirby can’t send it back at him. This time Vegeta walks up to Kirby and brings his foot up to stomp on him. Just then Kirby sucks Vegeta into his mouth and grows black hair similar to Vegeta’s. Then Kirby spits Vegeta out onto the grass. Vegeta jumps up and is really confused now. While Vegeta was stunned, Kirby brings his flaps (hands) behind his back and charges energy. He then brings them together and releases a beam of ki while screaming a high pitched “FINAL FLASH!!!”. Vegeta again jumps to the side but Kirby is already high in the air releasing ki doing a Renzouku Energy Dan. Vegeta is hit by most of the shots because he wasn’t expecting it. Then Kirby extends a flap and releases a ki and screams “BIG BANG ATTACK!!”, as it flies into the smoke where Vegeta is. As the smoke clears a battered up Vegeta is standing and he screams with rage. He turns Super Saiya-jin to give him an edge, but as he does Kirby observes and does the same making his hair golden. Vegeta is furious and charges Kirby throwing kicks and punches but Kirby blocks everyone and manages to get a few off since Vegeta is still weak. As Vegeta gets knocked back kirby gets off a ki and screams “BIG BANG ATTACK!!!”. You hear Vegeta scream and smoke building up. Kirby turns and laughs as he thinks he has won. He starts to walk off until he is kicked in the back of the head by a furious Vegeta. A star flies out of his mouth as Kirby turns back to normal. Kirby attempts to suck it up again but Vegeta destroys it with a ki blast before he can get to it. Vegeta has an idea as he charges up his Galick-ho at his side. Kirby takes a defensive stance as he awaits the attack. Then Vegeta flies into the air as he brings his hands together and screams “GALICK-HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. A huge beam of ki comes from his hands flying at Kirby. Kirby opens his mouth as wide as possible as he sucks the whole thing up. Vegeta’s jaw drops in amazement. Kirby fires it back at Vegeta but he manages to dodge. Vegeta flies at Kirby and starts punching and kicking him, and Kirby falls back. Vegeta starts charging up, but then he remembers Kirby will just suck it up so he stops charging and instead he punches him a bunch of times leaving him on the ground. Then Vegeta walks off because he knows Kirby will just suck him up again or something.

Winner-Vegeta.. Well, sort of..

By ShrineNite

Vegeta vs. Teletubbies

one day Vegeta wanted to kick all Teletubbies .When he arrived in Teletubbie -land , hords off Killer bunnies waited for him . He fried them all with a little smile in his face . Then the Teletubbies came out of their fricking house! ” You sweet fricking BASTARDS!!! I`m gonna kill every one of ya!” he said , and went on Super Saiyajin Mode. ” We don`t think so …” shouted Tinky Winky. The Teletubbies fusioned with Barney the fricking Dinosaur and Vegeta break their nuts with his garlek gun.Vegeta get many chicks and all lifed happily!

Winner: Vegeta

By Angelika H.

Vegeta vs……Pokemon!!!

One day Vegeta was walking in the woods when a teenage kid ran into him. Vegeta gave him a mean look as the boy, or Ash ran back. He picks a ball out of a puch and screams “Charmander, Go!!!!”, as a little red reptile like creature popped out. Ash shouts “Flamethrower!!!”, and Charmander lows fire out of his mouth. As he stops Vegeta is standing there untouched as he raises a brow and laughs. Vegeta steps on Charmander, killing it as he walks toward Ash. He pulls out another pokeball and throws it but Vegeta grabs it before it cracks open. He shakes his head in disgust as he crushes the pokeball and destroys the energy inside it. Ash picks out another one and throws it, but Vegeta is sick of these games as he catches it again, but this time he whips it at Ash’s head knocking him unconcious. This time a little mouse type creature pops out and fires a electric bolt at Vegeta. Again, Vegeta shakes his head and steps on it. After that he walks away as he laughs at the stupidity of it all.


By ShrineNite

Vegeta vs. Catdog

For complete control of the 5 p.m. time slot Vegeta decides to go to where ever the hell catdog are and finish him off. He decides to get his scouter to see how strong Catdog is. He arrives and uses the scouter. “Power level: .005. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Vegeta makes a gun shape with his hand and blows Catdog’s head off before he can even make a move. Just then he got a reading of 100. “Who could this be?” “I am Quailman blah blah blah…”You dare challenge me?!?” “You are feeling helpless and stupified!” “Sure I am.” Vegeta punches a hole right through Doug. “That’s it! I’ll blow the hole thing up!!!” “Gallet Gun…Fire!!!!” All of Nickelodeon is gone for good. Thank god!!!

Winner: Vegeta

By Shadow Darkstar

Vegeta vs……Captain Falcon!!!

One day, Vegeta was flying when he spotted F-Zero racing. He flew down and bet on one of the vehicles. As the race proceeded, Vegeta’s pick was winning, but out of nowhere came a vehicle rapidly catching up and eventually passing Vegeta’s pick. It seems that at the end of the race Vegeta’s came in second being beat by the other guy. The announcer says “Winner.. Captain Falcon!!!!”, as the crowd cheers. Vegeta growls softly as he seeks revenge on his money loss. As everyone leaves, Vegeta flies down to Capt. Falcon and he yells at him for winning. Capt. Falcon slowly turns toward Vegeta and lifts his head, having dealt with this before, he says “If you were smart you would have bet on me..”. Hearing this as an insult, Vegeta threatens him but before he can finish Capt. Falcon rushes him at lightning speed and screams “FALCON KICK!!!” as his foot is connected to Vegeta’s face as he falls to the side. Falcon laughs and starts to walk away, but Vegeta stands up with anger in his eyes as he rushes him from behind getting many kicks and punches off. Falcon falls over as Vegeta laughs while watching him on the ground. Falcon jumps back up as he sees that Vegeta is no normal human. Falcon again kicks at Vegeta with lightning speed while screaming “FALCON KICK!!”, but this time Vegeta catches his foot and laughs. While Vegeta is laughing, Falcon clenches a fist at his side while a flame surrounds it and before Vegeta can react he screams “FALCON PUNCH!!!!” as he hits him in the ribs sending him flying some 50 yards back as he goes through the track wall. Vegeta slowly gets up as he looks for Falcon. He looks around but doesn’t see him. Then Vegeta is kicked in the back of the head by Falcon. Vegeta quickly turns and counters with a punch but Falcon barely dodges as he attempts another Falcon punch while Vegeta retaliates. He punches at him and screams “FALCON PUNCH”, but Vegeta dodges as he jumps up and performs a Renzouku Energy Dan down at him. Falcon runs at his best trying to dodge and the second Vegeta stops, Falcon jumps up and grabs onto him as sparks fly out of them. Then Falcon screams as you hear an explosion and Vegeta goes flying back into the wall, but he catches himself and comes flying back at Falcon. Falcon thinking he would do that was preparing a Falcon Punch. Just before Vegeta reaches him Falcon screams “FALCON PUNCH!!!” as he connects with Vegeta’s face sending him flying into the ground. Falcon lands next to him resting for a moment. Vegeta jumps up badly hurt, but he goes Super Saiya-jin and retaliates. Falcon’s eyes widen as he sees the transformation and knows he is in big trouble now. Before Vegeta can move Falcon grabs onto his shoulder and throws him back a bit as he kicks him back into the stands. Vegeta flies from the wall as he punches Falcon repeatedly following up with him bringing his hands together, releasing a ki, and screaming “FINAL FLASH!!!”, as it connects to Falcon sending him flying into the wall. Vegeta points a hand, releases a jolt of ki and screams, “BIG BANG ATTACK”, as it goes a distance and reaches Falcon, blowing him to bits. Vegeta walks off mumbling “Nobody takes my money…”.

Winner: Vegeta

By ShrineNite

Vegeta vs……Chucky!!!

One day Vegeta was board so he went to the movies . He wanted to see a killing movie so he saw the bride of chucky . In the begining 5 minutes he saw some one get tyheir throat slashed so he thought maybe this movie won’t be so bad . But when Vegeta first laid eyes on Chucky he burst throught the ceiling of the theater and flew to universal studios . When Vegeta arrived he viciously searched through every building in his path until he came to the animatronics area . Then Vegeta blasted the door down and walked in as if nothing had happened . Then suddenly there it was the stupid doll . But all of a sudden it was gone . There was an uncomfortable silence , Then Vegat felt a knife slicing throught his sai-jin armor . Vegeta immidiatly grabbed what was stabbing him , and he said ” YOU LILLTE BASTARD YOU STOLE MY HAIR LINE , YOUR GONING TO THE NEXT DIMENSIION RIGHT FUCKING NOW ” . Chucky : ” EAT ME YOU MONKEY TAILED FREAK . Vegeta : WHO ARE YOYU CALLING A FREAK ? I”M NOT THE TALKING DOLL ! .After the little hissy fit Vegeta simply blasted Chucky be before chucky was completely dead he said “dieing is such a bitch but i’ll be back , i always come back Buwahahahahahahahaha . Vegeta :yeah whatever you barbie wannabe

Winner : Vegeta

By Shikkadog

Vegeta vs……Yoshi!!!

One morning, Vegeta’s flying down the ocean when he spots a tiny-ass island. He feels like blowing something up, but he doesn’t want Goku on his case, therefore he checks this place if it’s worthy of permanent erasure. He lands on it and looks around. All of a sudden, a bunch of colored blurs jump out and surround him. He focuses on them and he now sees a bunch of colored dinosaur runts. Vegeta sardonically asks them, “Shall I kill y’all now or wait ’til later?” A green one walked out in front of the dinos. He lashes his tongue out and eats up Vegeta! Then he craps him out as an egg. Inside the egg, Vegeta thinks to himself, “How in the hell am I going to escape this problem?” As the reptiles cheer in what is thought to be a victory, a flash of ki emerges from the egg as Vegeta shouts, “Now you’ll feel… MY WRAAAAATH!!!” The green one says, “Who in the hell are you?!” Vegeta, who is now REALLY pissed off, says, “You don’t know WHO I am?! I am the Prince of the Saiyans! The almighty Vegeta!!!” “So you’re that PRICK who wanted to destroy this planet years ago! Boys. get him!” A blue one popped out and stuck his tongue out as to eat him. Vegeta, who was ready for it this time, grabbed the tongue and thrown him in the air. He soon followed up with a Renzouku Energy Dan, blowing the blue one into smithereens. “Pathetic, primitive crackheads they are.” Vegeta thought to himself. A red one and a yellow one tried to run away. But Vegeta placed his hands together and yelled out, “FINAL FLAAAAAASH!!!” He releases a surge of ki and incinerates both of the cowards in one shot. The others zipped out of there except the green one, whose name was Yoshi. (He figured this out using a Pokedex that he found after he killed Ash and company.) He reads Yoshi’s power level, using his scouter, at 2.01. Vegeta unleashes his insanely kick-ass laugh when he sees this sorry excuse for a power level. “Sorry little fellow, I have to send you to the next dimension!” he says. Just as he gets ready to blast him, he transforms into Yoshi-Rex, a grotesquely larger version of his former self with sharper teeth and powerful arms and legs. He rereads his scouter and it now displays a stunningly colossal reading of… gulp… 150,000. “Okay, so you wanna see power? Here’s to ya!” Vegeta shouts as he becomes Super-Saiyan level 2. (200,000 power level.) Yoshi-Rex becomes Yoshi-Rex 2. (300,000 power level.) This power game continues until each is at their power capacity. (Unknown power level.) Each tries to power up once more, but their bodies can’t hold it, so they both blow up.

Winner: DRAW


Vegeta vs. James Bond (007) etc.

One day Vegeta (the all mighty prince of the Sajins) was in London and was flying around looking for something to do when he decided the place sucked so he started blowing things up (buldings, people, little rubber duckies, oh wait, rubber ducks? I must have been thinking about France, you know, Vegeta’s next target, oh wait, wait, Vegeta’s next target is dint da na na, Russia.) when suddindingly a small bullut hit Vegeta in the back of the neck, this starteled Vegeta and he almost fell out of the sky; “You little fool”! said Vegeta. “You will die now”, “Heh I can’t belive a little fucking ass hole like you would challange the great Vegeta” “You are destorying Great Britin, I will defend it.” “Hah you’ll never win, whats you’re name?” I need to know what to write on your grave before I piss on it.” “The name’s Bond, James Bond.” Before Vegeta could kill Mr. Bond Alec Trevelin (006) (Janus) came running out, “Oh great, here comes the ass hole.” said James Bond. “All right, you asked for it.” said Janus. He then pulled out an automatic shotgun, but Vegeta blasted it before he could use it. “Now you both die.” said 006. “Nows my chance, SUPER STINKY PERVERTED BUTT-CRACK ATTACK!” Trevelin cried. Suddenly an awful smell arose as 006 pulled down his pants, made a sexual remark, and tried to smother them with his butt. Vegeta went Super Sajin level 2 and shouted “KAMEHASA!” and that was the end of stinky pervert boy. 007 pulled out a 5K5 and started blasting away, but Vegeta simply dodged all the shots and did a Final Flash attack but 007 rolled out of the way and the attack only partally hit him, he then pulled out a KF7 Soviot and fired two shots and thought nah, and threw away the gun relizing how sucky it was. 007 then pulled out a throwing knife and threw it but missed, so he charged Vegeta with two (x2) hunting knives but Vegeta dodged and James Bond fell flat on his face. Then he exhaustedly started doing judo chops on Super Sajin Vegeta; Vegeta wasn’t expecting this from such a weakling that he didn’t have have time to dodge the attack, but no matter, the attack barely phased Vegeta, and he then shouted ” BIG BANG ATTACK” and finised off James Bond. Then to make sure he would never have to fight have to fight other people like that he found M16 head-quarters and destored it with his Gallet Gun. He then flew to Russia and programmed the Golden Eye satilite to fire upon russia; after it was destroyed he destroyed the ruins. He then Destroyed the Janus Syndicate head-quarters. As he flew away Natalyia shot at him with a couger magnum and he killed her with a ki blast and a few punches.

The Winner: The awsome Super Vegeta

By Alex A.

Vegeta vs. The Cast of Dr. Slump

One day, Vegeta was quite bored, he decided to take a break from training and he began traveling around Earth. He flew across the sky, and soon he began tired, he decided to rest at a small island before he made his journey home. He rested against a rock and soon he fell asleep. A few minutes later he awoken to see a young girl. “Who are you?” Vegeta demanded. “I’m Arale” Arale replied. “Get out of my way child.” Vegeta pushed her away and then standed up. He was about to leave until Arale grabbed his arm. “Let’s play” she gleefully smiled. Vegeta tried to pull his arm away but he suddenly realized he could not break free from her grasp. “What the?” Vegeta was dumbfounded. Vegeta tried to sense her power but he felt none. Vegeta quickly jerked his arm and broke free from her grasp. He was about to dash off until a man in a superman-like costume stepped in front of him. “What are you doing clown?” Vegeta was about to knock him into space. “I am Suppa-man! You will bow down to my strength!” Suppa-man declared. Vegeta quickly slapped him into a mountain. Arale then kicked Vegeta from behind. “That wasn’t nice!” Arale shouted. Vegeta tried to strike her but she moved. Vegeta quickly slapped her across the street. She came back and kneed Vegeta in the face. Vegeta became angry and was about to blast her away until a peice of purple crap crossed his path. Vegeta was completely confused, he shout a ki blast that destroyed the peice of crap. Arale then roundhoused Vegeta into a mountain. Vegeta quickly recovered and exploded into Super Saiya-jin. “Foolish girl, you shall pay!” Vegeta began firing a barage of ki blasts. Arale kicked Vegeta into the local town with a single heel kick. Vegeta crashes through a building but quickly recovers. Suddenly he sees a clock dash through the street. Vegeta doesn’t understand what is going on but he responds by destroying the clock by a energy blast. Arale comes from nowhere and knees Vegeta in the stomach. Vegeta strike’s Arale into the air. He shouts out “Final Flash” and fires a powerful energy blast. Arale dodged the blast barely. Vegeta prepares another one but gets knocked through another building by a energy blast. He looks for who attacked him and sees Senbe Norimake in a mech-like machine. The mech’s cannons fire two powerful blasts that Vegeta dodges. Vegeta ducks down and sweeps, breaking the mech’s mechanical legs, then rolls the mech’s pod part down the street. Suddenly Arale’s Gatchans grab Vegeta’s arms. Arale then gets a few cheap shots in on Vegeta’s stomach. Vegeta slams the Gatchan’s together then kicks Arale into the air. Next a more advanced and powerful mech arrives. It fires a barage of energy blasts that knocks Vegeta into the air. The person manning the mech is Turbo Norimaki. Vegeta dashes down and gets hit by a few more powerful rockets. Vegeta dashes down and fires his Big Bang attack. The mech is knocked of it’s feet and Vegeta than tears the mech’s weapons off. Vegeta turns around just to catch Arale’s fist. Vegeta, completely enraged, throws Arale into the air. He then dashes up and axe-handles her back to the ground. Arale is knocked out but Vegeta stops himself from killing her. Vegeta quickly dashes away from Penguin Village.

Winner: Vegeta

By Vinny M.

Vegeta’s son, Trunks Vs. Gohan’s daughter Pan

I know this isn’t A Vegeta Vs, but it’s his son, so it’s kinda fair…

One day, pan got really pissed at trunks (so what else is new) and tried to beat him. She smacked him around, and did a devestating combo that does more damage than a spirit bomb, and knocked him out. Then Vegeta showed up. “You are pathetic, my son. Now hurry up and dissappear, there is nothing to brag about in defeat.” Vegeta then proceded to kick the bull kanonker out of Pan, who fell, knocked out. Then Gohan showed up. “I’ve surpassed you in power, Vegeta!” “You surpass me? HA!” Vegeta then got his tail whipped by Gohan, the super saiya-man.

winner-Vegeta (He did beat pan… after all….)

By CodyWO

Vegeta VS….. the jedi lords.

One day Vegeta was flying through a forest when he suddenly noticed a wierd looking house. he decided to investigate it by going in it. as soon as he got in some guy in white told him “freeze where you are or all shoot” to which vegeta replied “Puny human guns, they are of no use against me.” The stormtrooper decided to fire and burned some of the skin off vegeta’s hand. suddenly the stormtrooper falls on the ground and there standing behind him is luke skywaker. “Who the hell are you?” asks vegeta. I am luke skywaker i shall now kill you DIE DIE DIE YOU INSIGNIFICANT FOOL” with that he pulls out his lightsaber. “you believe you can win me with that? “? “YOU are STUPIDER than i thought. In less than a sec luke skywaker slices vegeta’s hand off. “AHHHH” SCREAMS vegeta. “dodge this if you can”!! with that he flys into the air and does a final flash on luke skywaker and he instantly blown to bits. but as soon as vegeta lands on the floor again someone hits him on the back. he looks behind him and sees a short old looking monster with long ears and a tall black man. Yoda instantly pulls out his light saber but vegeta blasts him with a normal ki blast. Darth vader stood there for a sec then started powering up. Vegeta read his power level 900,000 Darth vader charged at VEgeta and started beating the crap out of him. Then he grabbed vegeta and threw him in the air. Vegeta managed to recover and shot a final flash attack at darth vader. Darth vader just grabbed it and returned it to vegeta which blasted him. Then vegeta took the light saber from yoda’s dead body and fumbled with it untill it shot out. Darth vader started shooting ki blasts at vegeta put he dodged them all then he threw his lightsaber at Darth Vader and he died.

Winner : Vegeta

By wowincs Xtreme

Vegeta vs the guy with a laser pointer

One day Vegeta (our 2nd favorite saijin ) was minding his own business just watching a movie when the scene changed and it showed a close up of a womans boobs . Suddenly there was a little red dot repeatedly going around them . At first Vegeat thought it was funny but after a while it got annoying so he stood up turned aournd and said ” WHO EVER THE FUCK HAS THAT LITTLE SHINEY LASER PUT IT AWAY BEFORE I SEND YOU TO THE NEXT DIMENSION ” . Oddly enough the point stopped and Vegeta sat down . But things weren’t that simple the guy with the laser pointer was making the same obscene gestures on Vegeta’s hair . Well Vegta heard all of the people laughing behind hm and woundered what was sooooo funny .So yet again he turned around to have the laser shining in his dark saijin eyes . So Vegeta quickly flew to the place from where the light was coming from . When he got there guess who it was . I t was our stupid gay little freak frieza . Well that was it Vegeta at that point had enough of frieza’s crap and puched a whole in his stomach took the laser pointer and shoved it up freiza’s ass and said ” shine the damn little laser now freak ” . When the movie was over Vegeta picked up frieza’s corspe and took it home to Trunks . ” there son now you have your own laser pointer with a really cool cap ” ” gee thanks dad ” than trunks gos outside and plays with his new toy .

The moral of this story is don’t be frieza with a laser pointer

Winnner : Vegeta and TRunks ( plus everyone who hates frieza )

By Shikkadog

Vegeta Vs. Pikachu

One day Vegeta turned on the tube to see his favorite show, DragonBall Z when a huge sign appeared on TV saying “CANCELLED REPLACED WITH POKEMON”. This (of course) made Vegeta mad. Really mad. So mad he blew steam out of his ears like Buu. He stomped up to a maddingly innocent-looking Pikachu. “Pika-chu!” stated the odd-looking thing. “AGH YOU STUPID BAKA FEEL MY WRATH!” yelled Vegeta and blew a fairly large ki blast at the Pikachu. Pikachu burned to a cinder thank goodness. Vegeta went home to watch TV.

Winner: Vegeta

By LazyV

Vegeta vs… The Road runner

In the desert, Vegeta was training in the hot sun. Vegeta was getting very hungry and see a road runner running, Vegeta was starving and had his tongue hanging out. Vegeta runs after the Road runner and right before Vegeta tried to grab him the road runner stopped and Vegeta ran passed him and then he went over a cliff. Vegeta fell and hit the ground. The road runner with a happy face jumps in the air and goes “BEEP! BEEP!” and sticks his tongue out and runs. Vegeta, really ticked, gets up and flies to the top of the cliff and yells “Where are you!?” and the a moment later he sees the road runner and fires a ki blast. Then the road runner was behind Vegeta and Vegeta took a quick look behind and says “Why you little..” The Road Runner went “beep Beep! and zoomed out of the way! and the ki blast went right towards Vegeta and it blew him up but he was okay. Moments later Vegeta ate a senzu beam to restore his strength. Vegeta used the old Wild E. Coyote technique (dropping a anvil from a high location and making a “X’ at the bottom for the target and putting bird seed on it) and seconds later the road runner stops and eats the seeds. Vegeta throws the anvil down at the road runner. Then suddenly a truck hauling a trampoline hits the road runner and stopps over the target and the anvil hits the trampline then it bounces and flys back up and lands on Vegeta’s head. The truck driver yells “@$%&&%$ Road RUNNERS!!!” and drives off. Vegeta climbs down the cliff in pain and grabs the road runner and eats it. Vegeta spits out the road runner and says “Man..this is worst than Bulma’s cooking.”

Winner: Vegeta

By Westley W.

Vegeta vs. the Mario brothers and friends

Vegeta just came back in from training. He takes a rest and goes to play trunk’s nintendo, not knowing how to use it. He finally turns on the nintendo not bothering to pick any game cartridge in particular. It turns out to be Super Mario. He gets so involved with the game he doesn’t notice outside a HUGE storm is forming. As he plays a, bolt of lightning hits the electric wire out side it travels and ends up zapping Vegeta and makes him unconscious. When he wakes up he sees a blurry image of a woman with a pink dress ,and brown hair. Burma ? with another look? Nah! Then she says hi my name is Princess Toadstool but you can call me Peach. Vegeta gets up and looks at her he senses that she has a power level of 5. What a weakling ! I hate weaklings! Vegeta then kills her by a small energy blast. She screams loudly not being able to stand screams like that he goes outside and is confronted by a weird scene. He sees a bunch of “turtles” and ridiculous looking boxes that float in the air. He quickly finishes the “turtles” and sees a green looking thing with a long tongue eating apples off a tree he sees one last apple on the tree. Suddenly he realized how hungry he was and went for the apple. Before he got it the “green thing” wrapped it’s tongue around it and ate it. Vegeta was pissed by this, first that stupid princess, now this? He couldn’t take it any more and went on another one of his killing sprees. He blows up the “green thing” with a laser blast and hears a distant cry. Hey you stupid guy you blew up yoshi!” said a short chubby man with a moustache and red cap. Vegeta smirked and went to go blow up that guy. As he punch him he noticed the “chubby guy” grow smaller. He smiled and was about to give the final blow until the “chubby guy” ran and hit one of the blocks and a flower came out of it. When the “chubby guy” touched it he grew taller and now threw fire. Well, he wants to play that way? Vegeta powers up and does a final blast and clears the place and all of it’s weaklings out.

Winner: Vegeta

By Vegeta417

Vegeta vs. Kramer

Vegeta got tired of Bulma bitching at him all the time, so he moved to New York and into an apartment. One day he was sitting there, thinking of all the stuff he wanted to blow up, when some tall guy with weird hair who was wearing a bathrobe slid into his apartment, and after saying “Hey buddy,” opened up Vegeta’s fridge and grabbed a bottled water. “Who the hell are you?” asked Vegeta. The stranger made a lot of weird gestures and a few funny mouth noises and said, “I’m your neighboor, Cosmo. Say, do you have a chainsaw I can borrow? I’m making a sculpture out of dry macaroni.” Vegeta just staired at him, then Final Flashed him into the next dimension. “No one borrows my f*cking chainsaw,” he said coldly.

Winner: Vegeta

By Davis S.

Vegeta vs……Mr. Rogers!!!

One time, Vegeta was watching PBS (don’t ask me why) and Mr Rogers Neighboorhood came on. “What the hell is this?” asked Vegeta. “That’ll be MY damn neighboorhood by noon!” So he flew to Mr. Rogers house and knocked out this frail old mailman and stole his clothes. “I’ll fool him into letting me in, then I’ll vaporize his ass!” thought Vegeta. He knocked on the door, and Mr. Rogers invited him in. When he got in, he threw off the disguise and said,”Prepare to die, bitch!” Mr. Rogers said,”Oh my, I seem to have a very special guest today. I better put on my ass-whipping clothes! Can you kids say ‘beat down?’ I thought you could!” So he sat down on his stairs and took off his shoes, and then went to the closet and took out an orange sweater with King Kai’s mark on the back. “Hmmm, that looks familiar,” thought Vegeta. Then Mr.Rogers charged at Vegeta, but Vegeta kicked him and he went flying. Vegeta thought it was over, but then he heard a faint whistle. It got louder, and then a small trolley car busted through the wall and attacked Vegeta. Vegeta was a little stunned, but then he grabbed the trolley and broke it in half, then blasted it. He thought he was done, but then Mr Rogers stood back up. He was glowing and holding a big-ass Spirit Bomb. “Vegeta, I’ve brought you a surprise! No, it’s not a trip to the crayon factory! It’s YOUR DEATH, VEGETA! AH HAHAHAH!!” Mr. Rogers released the Spirit Bomb, and it totally incinerated Vegeta. Mr. Rogers grinned, and then said evillyz “Welcome to my hood, bitch.”

Winner: Mr. Rogers

By Dave J.

Vegeta vs……Planet of the Apes!!!

Taylor lifted Nova onto his horse and then kissed the Dr. Zira goodbye before he left and the orangutan Dr.Zaius’ ominous warning about what lie beyond the Forbidden Zone meant little. Taylor and Nova rode almost a half a day along the coast until he came upon it. A ancient remnant of a world familiar to Taylor; the shattered remains of the Statue of Liberty, half buried in the earth and beside it a huge jewel encrusted statue of Vegeta! Taylor screamed “Damn you ! you blew it up! Damn you dirty Saiyans! Damn you all!” He then heard the cackle of Vegeta echo through the bluffs, “HAHAHA! I thought I destroyed all you talking humans hundreds of years ago.” To which Taylor response was only “DAMN YOOOUU! Damn you to the other dimension and the Home For Infinite Losers! Taylor rode on and ocassionaly heard the echoing cackles though he had not seen Vegeta. Taylor thought to himself “DAMN that Vegeta!” Then he set up a make shift camp at twilight and Vegeta finally appeared. The first thing he noticed was Vegeta had his Saiyan tail which had finally grew back after hundreds of years! The moon slowly rose and when the clouds parted Vegeta laughed out loud when he gazed upon the full moon! Vegeta transformed into his huge Saiyan were-monkey form! Taylor finally screamed out “Damn you dirty apes. Damn you ALLL…!…!…” and was then smashed by the huge monkey Vegeta’s foot! SMASH!


By Curtis C.

Vegeta vs……The Japanese Mafia!!!

One day, Vegeta was flying around. Already in a bad mood, Vegeta was itching for a fight when from out of no where, a huge bazooka shell came flying up and almost hit him. “WTF?” was all he could think, before a small voice came from a hole in the ground. “Gomen nasai!” a cute, blonde haired girl said. Flying down, Vegeta unknowingly flew into the headquarters of the Japanese Mafia. “Who the hell are you?” Tsuyoi asked. “What are you doing in our HQ?” asked Nekkyo. “What happened to your hair?” asked Keeosu. The hair question did it. POed, he started attacking Keeosu, going SSJ almost instantly. She dodged the shots, having sparred with Tsuyoi before. Getting cocky, though, Keeosu miscalculated and got hit in the jaw. “Hey!!” Nekkyo cried. “Don’t hurt Kee-chan!” Nekkyo got out one of her swords, but Vegeta threw a punch at her first. Then Tsuyoi, mad because she hadn’t gotten into the fight yet, kicked Vegeta in his shins. “WAIT A SECOND!” Koriya (the blonde-haired one) shouted. She whipped out her bazooka and aimed it at Vegeta. “Muahaha! Those puny human guns don’t hurt me!” Vegeta laughed. “Eh… hey, you’re Vegeta, aren’t you?” Koriya asked. Vegeta nodded and Koriya giggled. Quickly, she set her bazooka to the “Infatuation” setting. “You suuuuure this thing won’t affect you?” Koriya asked slyly. “Yes.” Vegeta replied. Shooting him before he could dodge, Vegeta got hit with the infatuation bullet, falling in love with Koriya immediatly. Tsuyoi, Nekkyo and Keeosu blinked as Koriya and Vegeta went into another room.

Winner: Koriya and Vegeta

By: Daughter Lucifer (Koriya of the JM)

Vegeta vs. Saban

Vegeta wants revenge on Saban for screwin’ up DB and DBZ and never showing DBGT in America. He challenged Saban to battle. Vegeta gave his all but Saban editted all his attacks so he could not harm them or anything. Finally they editted him out…….. But before Vegeta perished he snapped all Saban’s editting tools so they could not edit anymore. He also found all the DB DBZ and DBGT episodes they never aired and made them known to America.

Winner: Vegeta

By Christopher Venezia

Vegeta Vs…Sailor Moon…Again…


Vegeta was beating up on Tokyo…Again… When Sailor Moon showed up…Again…

“I am Sailor Moon, defender of justice and all that is right!” Vegeta got pissed off. “Why can’t you just stay dead?” The Sailor Scouts had been arriving as all this was going on. Vegeta blew them all up and was about to do the same to Sailor Moon when she pulled off her head! Un fortunatly to all you readers who wanted to see Sailor Moon die a death of horrific detail, the “Sailor Moon Head” was a mask, and underneath was…

Bulma. “Happy Halloween!” Vegeta got disgruntled and cantankerous, and blew up Luxembourg to express his “feelings”. The End.

Winner: Vegeta

By-Girl Saiya-jin

Vegeta vs…Dustin Smith!

One day, Vegeta was flying around Dunkirk, New York. He decided to walk down a street called Maple Ave. He was muttering to himself, “What stupid humans, they have no idea….” Then out of nowhere, Dustin Smith comes along and recognizes Vegeta. Vegeta reads his power level at 57. Vegeta laughs and says, “What a puny power level you have there you ass.” Dustin says, “Shut up you you stupid monkey.” Vegeta blows Dustin up with a Big Bang Attack and blows up the whole city of Dunkirk. Then Goku comes along and….to be continued.


By Super SaiyanVegeta

Vegeta vs Sesamie street

Vegeta was walking when he comes to some place called sesamie street (or how ever you spell it) Vegeta was trying to figure out how the hell to get out of this place when he hears someone yelling at him “hey vegetable head, what are u doing on my turf” he turns to see some green guy sitting in a trash can. “What the…how dare u talk to me that way, i’m Vegeta, prince of saiyans” “ooh, big talk for such a shrimp, i could whip your ass blind folded” Vegeta begins to get pissed when he sees another freaky, well what ever they are purple thing. “now oscar u shouldn’t say things like that to this nice man” this really pisses Vegeta off so he powers up and blasts both of them away. Next he wanders into some room with the music “one of these things doesn’t belong here, one of these things is not the same” There are 4 kids dancing around the room one holding an apple, another a orange,one a banana nad another a carrot with people at the side of the room trying to figure which one didn’t belong. Vegeta, deciding anyone who couldn’t tell the difference between a friut and a vegetable didn’t deserve to live blew them all up.Finaly he spots some giant yellow bird talking about the letter of the day and some hairy elephant thing. He does final flash and kills the elepahnt thing. Big Bird ” hey, u can’t do that to my friend” he begins to power up, vegeta looks at his scouter and sees his power level is 100. He falls over laugh “thats the best you’ve got” he kicks the bird killing it. Then he flys high above the place then does his Gallet gun blowing up the place. “Good thing i got rid of that place, thinks how kids might turn out is they grew up watching that show!”

Winner Vegeta (thank god)

By Saiyan_girl_321

Vegeta vs. Jay Leno

One day Vegeta decided to fly around Los Angeles. He saw NBC studios and decided to drop in and visit his favorite late nite talk show host, Jay Leno. He walks in and sees Jay and screams out, “Hey Jay Leno.” Jay Leno goes, “what the hell is with that hair kid?” Vegeta says, “What? I only spike it up.” Jay says, “I can’t sign autograhps right now kid, I’m too busy. Go play something.” Jay then whispers, “Ugly kid.” Vegeta screams, “I heard that!” Vegeta powers up and fires a single ki blast at Leno’s big chin and laughs and takes out all of NBC studios.

Winner: Vegeta

By Super SaiyanVegetto

Vegeta vs. Akira Toriyama’s manga forms

After Vegeta escaped from Penguin Village. He began to dash off the island until he saw a bird smoking a cigarette. In a attempt to destroy all the idiocy in the world, Vegeta fired a ki blast. The bird somehow dodged the blast. It stood on the ground and suddenly a human wearing a gas mask type thing appeared out of nowhere. Vegeta jumped back in shock. Suddenly a robot wearing the same gas mask appeared. Vegeta has heard about these creatures. “Wait.. you are Akira Toriyama.. but three?” Vegeta questioned. “Well, we are just the manga forms of Akira Toriyama” Robot Toriyama replied. “Akira Toriyama has incredible powers. He created this universe,” Vegeta said, “Can you do the same thing?” “Well umm.. not necessarily.. were just the manga form.. we can’t do much.” Human Toriyama said with a sigh. “Ha.. well I’ll quickly defeat you then!” Vegeta quickly fired a big bang attack that eradicated the cigarette smoking bird. Human Toriyama and Robot Toriyama stepped back in fear. Suddenly Human Toriyama pulled out a small gun. He fired it and it transformed Vegeta into a peice of paper. The Vegeta paper fell to the ground and Human Toriyama laughed loudly. “I’ll finish him… I really never liked the Vegeta character anyway..” Robot Toriyama said as his chest opened. A flamethrower slid out and he was about to engulf the Vegeta paper in flames but suddenly a bright light flashed. The light faded and Robot Toriyama was sliced in half. Suddenly Trunks dropped down and headed towards the frightened Human Toriyama. Human Toriyama lifted his paper gun and fired a blast. Suddenly a wind swept through and Vegeta flew off the ground and was hit by the blast. He reverted to human form. Vegeta wasted no time and quickly kicked Human Toriyama into the stomach. Vegeta fired a big bang attack that destroyed Human Toriyama. “I beat Akira Toriyama” Vegeta laughed insanely. “No.. those were my manga forms.. they are meant to be weak..” a voice said. “Dad.. don’t piss of Akira Toriyama” Trunks said with a laugh.

Winner: Vegeta

By Vinny M.

Vegeta vs. Pixelated 8-Bit Vegeta and Nappa from “Attack of the Saiya-jin

Vegeta had just finished training in his gravity chamber. He began walking towards his house until suddenly everything started zooming in and out. A weird noise was heard and suddenly Vegeta appeared in room that looked completely fake. He was standing on a green plain that was supposed to be grass and a brown splotch in a sea of blue that was supposed to be a mountain. Suddenly he saw two weird little blocky things walk towards him. Vegeta was confused. One resembled Vegeta and his former partner Nappa. Except, they were completely flat! And their side was facing Vegeta. Vegeta tried to run around them but all he could see was their side. Vegeta lifted up his palm to eradicate these fools until 8-bit Vegeta fired two ki blasts at Vegeta. The blast were flat but they did cause damage to Vegeta. Suddenly 8-bit Nappa fired a blast and Vegeta dodged it. “Whatever you are, you are going to pay severely!” Vegeta shouted. He waited for them to attack. The two blocky figures stood there for a minute then they attacked again with ki blasts. Vegeta dodged them easily. “Hmm.. these two can’t do anything but fire ki blasts.. and they take so long to attack.” Vegeta laughed. Vegeta dashed forward and punched Nappa a few times and kneed him in the stomach. Suddenly white blood poured out of Nappa’s head and splashed onto Vegeta. “The hell?” Vegeta eyes widened. Suddenly 8-bit Vegeta fired two ki blasts that knocked back Vegeta. 8-bit Nappa raised a arm and suddenly his wounds vanished. “That’s it!” Vegeta dashed forward and began beating Nappa to a pulp until he was a bloody mess. 8-bit Vegeta fired a Big Bang Attack that blew off Vegeta’s armor. Vegeta recovered quickly. He then had a idea. Vegeta slipped behind 8-bit Vegeta and waited. 8-bit Vegeta raised his arm to fire two ki blasts but fired them forward. They didn’t even come close to Vegeta. “Ha! I was right. That fool can’t turn around!” Vegeta laughed. Vegeta punched 8-bit Vegeta through the head. Funny looking blood poured from 8-bit Vegeta’s head. Suddenly Vegeta raised a arm and Nappa was revived. Vegeta charged up a ki blast and released it in 8-bit Vegeta’s head, destroying Vegeta instantly. Vegeta then shoved his foot through Nappa’s back. Vegeta grabbed 8-bit Nappa by the arm and through him high into the air. Vegeta charged up energy and released it, destroy Nappa instantly. Suddenly funny music began playing. Vegeta looked around confused once again. He saw a box above him that said “Vegeta gained a level.” Then it said “Vegeta found heal.” Vegeta just looked dumbfounded. Suddenly a white light flashed and he appeared in front of his home. He told himself he has been training too much and needed a vacation.

Winner: Vegeta

By Vinny M.

Vegeta vs Golberg!


It was 9:00pm Monday nite in the New Orleans at the Super Dome. Bill Golberg walk down the aile and stepped in the ring. He yelled at the top of his lungs, “I am soooooooo mad. The nWo just kicked my ass and I lost the belt. So now I will take on anyone in this building tonite right now.”. All of a suden this weird looking guy in a blue suit and spikey balck hair walked out. But he stayed on the ramp. Mean Gene walks up to him and says, “now will you answer his….”. POW! Vegeta know the crap out of Mean Gene and took his Microphone. “Who’s next? Well I’l tell you whos next. Its me Vegeta. Who is next.” Vegeta runs to the ring and does a rushian leg sweep to Golberg. Golberg gets up and does a suplex to Vegeta. Golberg laughs and says, “Man vegeta’s looking pretty ragged out.” Vegeta gest up and says, “ref you didn’t see that?” Vegeta goes for Golbergs hair but before he realized he was bold Golberg had him in the jackhammer. Vegeta’s face turned red.Golberg ran for his scouter. he had only 3 second to look at Vegeta’s power level before Vegeta put his in a Galic Bomb. “noway his power readings are over 22,000!” Golberg screamed. In comes Hogan with teh World title in his hands. He goes for Golberd and knocks him out. But Vegeta likes working alone. So he kicked Hogan in the balls. But he didn’t seem to faze. (guess its true Hogan doesn’t have the balls) Hogan knocks Vegeta down. Hogan leaves. Then Vegeta and Golberg are down for like 5 mins. Then they both get up at the same time. And for some reason they both had a chair in there hands. And right before that hit Someone said KAMEHAMEHA!!!!! It was Rey Mysterior Jr. comeing out of an Air Duct. Golberg got knock but Vegeta let out his Galic gun both Vegeta and Rey were putting in all they had. But Vegeta had the upperhand blew Rey into the next dimension. Then Vegeta hit Golberg with a chair about 20 times. ANd the rings the bell. DING DING DING!!!

“Vegeta is you winner by DQ.”

Meanwhile Rey is on Snakeway to receive training from King Kai.

By Hell Raiser

Vegeta vs. Gene Simmons

On some boring Sunday, Vegeta yearned for someone to fight…Unfortunately today of all days was when most Christian people went to church….Yet, cunning as he was, Vegeta had an idea. He was sure that there was ONE person who wouldn’t be caught dead in any place with a crucifix…..GENE SIMMONS! Vegeta figured that between the cross and the holy water Gene would disentegrate within a 5 mile radius of a place of worship. So down he flew to a recording studio, where Gene Simmons and the rest of Kiss were playing around with some tunes…..”Alright you satanic dogs! Come out and get some!” cried Vegeta. Vegeta pointed his scouter directly at Simmons, 500. “Not Bad” he thought, “though i expected more from the devil’s warrior.”. no sooner did the thought cross his mind did Gene Spread his arms, revealing his fabric bat wings and spewed a tower of flames toward the prince of Saiya-jins. Vegeta’s right arm sleeve was singed to the shoulder….Thus the two engaged in battle. Vegeta landed 6 or 7 punches including a palm to the mighty gut of The bassist. But Simmons thwarted Vegeta with a Powerful boot with his Platforms. Simmons then entangled The Prince in his massive tongue. Vegeta squirmed, it appeared this was the end. Just then, a church bell rang out loud, 1 o’clock already? The Singer fell to his knees with his hands clasped over his ears….Vegeta once again read his scouter, 16,000 and falling….The Evil Prince of Saiya-Jin’s capatilized with a Galic Gun! But this would not rid himself of Gene Simmons. For just as Vegeta went for the kill, none other than the great Rob Zombie appeared in his high-powered “Dragula”….Simmons, in desperation, fused with Zombie to become Gene Zombie! the Scouter Read: 80,000. The “Two” commensed in battle once again. But the fused power appeared to be a bit too much for the all-powerful Vegeta…A Living Dead Girl Blast sent Vegeta Sprawling….Vegeta’s armor was completly in ruin as Gene Zombie called upon the might Creatures of the Night…. But Vegeta let out a snide smirk….Just as the creatures were upon him He countered with A BIG BANG ATTACK. The Fusion was Broken and Vegeta sent the Zombie into “Another Dimension”. While distracted, Simmons crawled through a mysterious hole in the ground. Flames shot up through the hole as it closed. Vegeta walked away the winner, though clutching his ribs…

Winner: Vegeta as Simmons went back to hell

By Horshak488

Vegeta vs. the buger flicken kid

One day Vegeta was fling over a little planet. When his scouter picked up a reading like a dragonball would read. He thought that if he could get the powerballs he could become the most powerful saiyan (and maybe be so powerful he could change into super saiya 10)so he went down and was hit by a small, slimy, green buger. He got pissed off and yelled “You little piece of shit no one does this to me!” he through a energy ball at the kid. but with quick reflexes the kid contered with a rain of bugers. This really ticked off Vegeta and he became super saiya 1 and final flashed the kid. still thes kid just took the biggest, slimest, buger out of his nose and used it as a shield. Vegeta not understanding asked the kid were he gets his powers. “I get my power from the planet. See this is fjdls;f the central of the unaverses power.” Vegeta asked if he could get this power from the planet. “Yes, if you eat the flower of power.” And the kid gave him one. Vegeta ate it then went way above the planet and Glatic guned it. then went back to earth and destroyed it.

Winner Vegeta

By Matt D.

Vegeta vs……The 42-year-old who wrote a nasty letter during the Vegeta VS…Teletubbies.

We all remember when Vegeta went on Teletubbies, killed the Spice Girls, and read the fan mail, one of which was from a 42-year-old man who was pissed off by the fact that Vegeta was on the show. Vegeta was flying to the man’s house. “Aha!” He said and blasted through the roof. The man was in the room, the 2-year-old’s room, telling his daughter it was all right, that the nasty sprout head wouldn’t hurt her or anyone else. “It’s not your place to say that I won’t hurt anyone, and who are you callin’ sprout head?!” Vegeta yelled. “How the @&*$ did you get here?” His daughter giggled. He smacked her. The man ran to his garage. Vegeta followed. When he came in, a shotgun was leveled at him. Vegeta ducked, and the bullet hit his hair! Duh duh duuuuuh! Vegeta when to SSJ4 and blasted the evil man to the next dimension. “Now, for the cowering little girl…” Vegeta stalked through the house the the girl’s room. She giggled at him. “Dammit, you’re too cute to die. Bulma would like you.” The girl pointed at Vegeta and said “C-C-Cool!” “Maybe It’s a good thing I’m letting you live. Got a level head on your shoulders; could grow up to be a warrior like me, of course not as powerful, but with proper training…”

Winner: Vegeta and Vega (The Girl Was Suzy, but Vegeta changed her name)

By: Celaran the Saiya-Jin

Vegeta vs……sesamee street gangand Tinki Winky!!!

“I hate road trips!” said Vegeta as he looked at the road map. “oh hunny come on lets ask that strange thing over there” said Bulma. As they got closer to it they heard a strange tune. “Can You TEll Me How To Get To Sesamee Street”. It turns out that it is Big Bird. “Shut up you little creep” sais Vegeta as he gets madder. “That is not nice to say s-h-u-t-u-p” said Elmo on the other side. Sonn the whole S.S. gang was gathered there singing. Well Vegeta was allready in ssj 3 mode by then. As they kept on going Vegeta turned SSJ 4! As Vegeta powered up the gang saw Vegeta giving off a light. Suspicios, Big Bird said “hey what is…”. That was the last time the S.S. gang was heard of. Turns out they are all in the next dimmension. All though Vegeta had the Dragon Balls they where never wished back. Tinky Winky had bothered Vegeta about wishing them all back (big mistake). Tinky Winky was sent into the next dimmension easily. “Ahh it feels good to sit back and watch the little creeps die.” said Vegeta in an interview later on. The interviewer was sent to another dimmension for no reason.

winner: SSJ 4 Vegeta

By SamJinx

Vegeta vs…… Mrs. Fogarty!!!

Vegeta, one day felt like visting a school, so he went to Dunkirk (for some odd reason) and found the highschool. Upon entering the high school he noticed alot of stupid people looking at his hair. This pissed him off, so he blew them all up with his Big Bang Attack. He began to walk down a hall way, leading into the 500 wing. He heard a really annoying voice speaking in a tongue he could not understand. He decided to investigate, so he entered the room with the teacher speaking in the weird language. She turned and said, “Oh! Can I help you?” Vegeta looked at her for a moment and noticed she played with her hair to much. Vegeta asked her “Who the hell are you, you stupid bitch?” The teacher appuald, answered, “I, I, I’m Mrs. Fogarty, and you have no right to talk to me that way!” Again she player with her hair, this really pissed Vegeta off. In fact it pissed him off so much he reached Perfect Saiyan Level with out even powering up. “You stupid bitch, you will pay now!” Upon saying this Vegeta powered up and used his Final Flash on the stupid bitch, killing her instantly. The students began to cheer and all thanked Vegeta. “Now seeing that you teachers dead and you can’t learn that stupid language anymore, I’m gonna teach you to speak Saiyan.” Some of the kids moaned. Those who did were blown up. And so the lesson began….

Winner: Vegeta

Written by: SuperGogeta

Vegeta vs. Mickey Mouse

One day while Vegeta is visiting Disneyland (forced by Bulma),he is being bored to death by the rocketship ride,getting off feeling just about ready to blow the place to kingdom come, A strange rodent shaped creature comes up,sees his expression and tries to give him a big cheerful hug.” That does it,this is the gayest place on the planet,but not for long. But first I’ll give this damn rat a little trip to another dimesion!!!!” Vegeta blasts the Mickey with a huge ball of energy that keeps going after disintigrating the mouse, straight into Cinderella’s castle,collapsing it, and straight into Splash Mountain killing the 900 people ( give or take a few) and creating a dazzling explosion, causing people staring at it to fall to the ground convulsing.Since it was the end of the day,not to mention the park, the sun was setting and a full moon was coming out, Vegeta used this to his advantage. Transformed, Vegeta had a feild day,or night, stomping around the park,using energy to distroy the larger buildings and rides. By the time the sun rose, Disneyland was no more, hell the only ones alive in the park were Bulma and Vegeta.

Winner: Vegeta, without a doubt

By Kelly Anne

Vegeta (and piccolo) vs. Nappa

Vegeta and Piccolo were in a park trying to settle their differances with a 1 one 1 thumb wrestling match, of course it was becoming hard to score becuase Vegeta used gatting gun on piccolos thumb but Piccolo grew a new one and used Super beam cannon on Vegeta thumb…….. anyway, it was at this point that a super saiya-jin Nappa landed in the park, luckally the sight of a stange green alien and a short guy threating to blast them all to another dimention had cleared the park out hours ago. “You slimy pice of *&^*&^)(*&” Nappa yelled to Vegeta. “You blew me up! But now Im a Super saiya-jin just like you and Im gonna atomize you!” Smiling, Vegeta said “you were a jerk anyway…..and your not a super saiya-jin, you look exactly the same as when i blew you up!” “I am to a super saiya-jin!” Nappa yelled, a he relized that bettwen his lack of hair and his already amazing mucle mass it was almost imposible to tell when he went Super Saiya-jin. “No… I agree with Vegeta” remarked Piccolo. “I don’t see any differance” ‘GAAAG!” screamed nappa, who was getting very annoyed by this time. “Hey! i’v got it!” exclamed vegeta, whos left mouth side was curling up. “You can prove you can be a super saiya-jin but droping you power level low enogh for you un-transform, then we can see the differance!” Just wanting to get this over with Nappa droped his power level. AT this point vegetas scouter read his power at 50. Then piccolo zipped foward, hitting around the weak Nappa like a volleyball till he barfed and cried for his mama, the while he was still dizzy Vegeta big banged him into another dimention. vegeta and Piccolo congradualted each other, becuase Nappa was always a jerk, and decided to celebrate by going out for a cold brewski, Nappas treat (piccolo grabs Nappas wallet befor vegeta atomized him)

Winner: Vegeta and Piccolo


Vegeta vs……Tim Munson!!!

During school monday, at Dunkirk High. Dave and Tim were fighting, because Dave didn’t smoke with Tim on Friday. All of a sudden Vegeta comes walking in (No clue why). He sees some kids laughing at his height and hair. This pisses him off so he Final Flashes them, sending them into the next dimension. Then he noticed two boys fighting, the taller one seemed to be winning. Vegeta asked a bystander why they were fighting, after he heard the story, he walked up to the taller one, which was Tim, and pulled him off. Vegeta says, “you think your good beatin that boys ass!?, he has a very weak powerlevel. Why don’t you fight me?” Tim not knowing who the hell Vegeta was replied “Bitch i’ll make you get on you knees, I’ll beat your ass” Vegeta and Tim began to fight. Vegeta has his smirk on his face as Tim attemted to punch him alot. Finally Vegeta grew tired of this insignificant worms futial attacks so he picked him up, threw him in the air, fired a ki blast, then with lightning s peed went up to Tim and hammer punched him into the floor, creating a 10 foot crater.

Winner: Vegeta

Written by: SuperGogeta

Vegeta vs…….The Bull Frog!!!

Foot note: the bull frog in this story is my love jeremiah h . every one calls him a bullfrog . brief descripton : brown hair and eyes kinda chubby but it’s not that bad i think 5’4 or less has a good sense of humor and loves vegeta insanly One day Vegeta was fighting was with Bulma ……….. again . So she got really pissed threw a pan at him and said ” forget sleeping on the couch go sleep in the hammoc out side ! ” Vegeta than said ” shut up you d@mn b*tch ” under his breath as he collected his pillow , a blanket , and a beer . He slowly draged his feet as he walked over to the 2 tree where the hammoc hung . He than jumped up in to it and tried to get comfortable . Vegeta kept talking to himself about Bulma after he finally got situated until he heard something in the bushes that grew near the hammoc . ” Who ever the hell is out there I hope you know that your gonna have to deal with the prince of the sai-jins if you don’t get your ass out of here fast ” . The noise than paused and Vegeta said ” that’s more like i’m finally getting some respect ” but than the noise started again and it was closer ” I though I told you to go the hell away ” . Closer and closer the noise came . Vegeta was getting tired of this stupid game and started to power up ” DAMN YOU GO THE HELL AWAY BEFORE I SEND YOU TO THE NEXT DIMENSIO !!!!!!!!!!!! ” Suddenly a huge bullfrog came out of the bushes ” I have come to eat you prepare to become my post dinner brunch meal ” ” No f(_)cking bullfrog is gonna eat me! ” ” oh yeah ” ” bring it on fatty ” . Out of nowhere munch the frog had eaten Vegeta . Than the frogs stomach started to swell and glow bright red like hell’s fury ( on a good day ) . BOOM !!!!! Frog guts splattered eveywhere . The next evening when Bulma had let Vegeta back in the house becuase he said he was sorry and that he would cook dinner for her there was an odd smell coming from the kitchen . Bulma was seated at the table and commented on how romantic it was of Vegeta to bring out some candle sticks and to cook . Than Vegeta appeared infront of her holding a huge tray way a dome shapped cover on top of it Bulma : ” what is that it smell really good ? ” Vegeta : ” it’s a surprise darling ” . He procieded to remove the cover and serve Bulma and himself . Bulma : ” how did you know frog legs were my favorite ? ” .

Winner : Vegeta ( in more than one way if ya know what i mean )


By Shikkadog

Vegeta vs……Ryu and Spiderman!!!

“You will never win Ryu”said Vegeta”Your ki level is only 537,I’m much stronger then you”. Ryu smirked. “Well Vegeta i have a little surprise for you”And Ryu cupped his hands and electricity started flowing around him. Vegeta just stood there.”So you can hide your ki to, well lets just see how much it is”, and Vegeta clipped on his scouter”Ha , your still only 1,323″Still so much weeker”And with that Ryu said”Hai uoken”And Vegeta just stood there…After the smoke cleared Ryu was walking over to see his damage. There was nuthin left of Vegeta.Just when he was turning around, Spidey popped in.”What up Ryu,how are you do……”Vegeta grabbed Spiderman by the throat and laughed at Ryu”I told you that you weren’t no match to me”And with that threw Spiderman into the air and…poof ,he was gone.Ryu jumped back. “You’ll pay for that” shouted Ryu, but Vegeta just looked him and with that flew off.Ryu was cursin to himself and walked off. Vegeta flew for about 3 minutes and stopped. He turned around and powered up to SSJ. He stuck out two fingers and said “No i won’t”…..

Winner: Vegeta

By: Dreyd L.

Vegeta vs……5

One day Vegeta was flying over Six Flags at Darien Lake. He heard an awful sound. (His ears are very sensative, and this sound hurt his ears) “What the hell?” ,Vegeta thought himself. “It sounds like a bunch of old guys who haven’t gone through puberty yet!” Vegeta flew down to the stage where they were singing. He read their power level at .001 each. Once 5 saw Vegeta and felt he was a threat did a weird ass fusion dance and all combined. Vegeta read the power level again, this time it was .01. “Wow, hell of an improvement boys!”, Vegeta said. All of a sudden the newly formed boy began singing combining all of the boys vocals into one powerfull wave of sound. This made Vegeta’s ears bleed which really pissed him off, so he flew up in the air, powered up his Galic Gun and blew the whole theme park up.

Winner: Vegeta

Written by: SuperGogeta

There's a little Vegeta in all of us.