Vegeta Fu

Want to learn how to fight like Vegeta? Well, come out and try your hand at Vegeta Fu!

CAUTION: In doing these things, you are entitled to get into a lot of trouble, in other words, do NOT try these at home, I am not responsible for your actions, so do these at your risk.

Vegeta-Fu: The ancient Saiya-jin martial art has been passed down by the Royal Vegeta family for many centuries and now you can learn the techniques that our favorite Saiya-jin Vegeta has used in battle over and over again.

Vegeta-Fu- Kicking ass, Saiya-jin style…….

The proper facial expression and the stance

The first lesson we will go over is the proper facial expressions and the stance of Vegeta, these are very important because the proper appearance will give your opponent something to fear….

Vegeta’s proper facial expression

You must always look like you’re in a sinister and clever mode, your eyes must always look like you’re mad, and when you talk or smile, only raise your left lip.

Vegeta raising his left lip

A second look at Vegeta’s facial expression

The Stance: Always look devious and cross your arms, feel the Saiya-jin pride within you.

Vegeta looking pretty sinister

The most important thing is that you must always look like you will beat your opponent, big, small, short, or tall, your Saiya-jin pride and confidece will overcome any opponent….

Proper Verbal communication

Your opponent may laugh at you for this, but don’t worry, you have every right and reason to talk big because you have your Saiya-jin skills to back you up (If used effectively). Here are some things you should tell your opponent

*That you will always win
*That you are a Saiya-jin
*Your power level is extremely high
*Tell your opponent how weak he or she is and how powerful you are
*That competition has made you stronger
*You can take down anybody
*Laugh at the empty threats

The proper vocabulary communication will give your opponent an idea on how strong and confident you really are.

Fighting techniques

Flying: A true Vegeta-Fu student always flies to the battle. In order to fly, you must concentrate enough energy to levitate yourself above the ground, thus pushing against the earth’s gravity. The more energy you use, the higher and faster you can fly, unlike many other techniques, flying uses the least amount of energy.

The flying Vegeta Foot stomp: In order to do this technique, you must fly up into the air while your opponent is down on the ground and then come down using the force of both feet to smash down on your opponent.

The Vegeta Knuckle slam: Get behind or on top of your opponent and then lock all your fingers on both hands together and then raise your arms over your head and then come down with a strong hit, recommended against big opponents.

The Back Vegeta punch: Get behind your opponent, summon enough energy , and then give a punch to your opponent’s backside. If done correctly, this move can break through the toughest of armor.

Blocking: To fend off any attack, raise your arms up and bend your elbows and move them where your opponent punches or kicks. With the proper movement, you will be able to block all of your opponent’s attacks

The Vegeta stretch kick: Use your lower body power to raise your leg completely above your waist and put some energy in to make a strong effective kick. This technique is good for those pesky Kaio-kens or any power attack.

Bloodlust lip-lick: Idea sent by John “Mr. Freeza” T.- As you finish off your opponent, lick your lips as if you were enjoying your victims’ suffering, to show how evil you really are.

Energy Techniques

Charging up energy: Tighten your fists really hard, summon the energy inside of you and scream out really loud. This technique will raise your power level to the fullest extent.

Big Bang Attack: Being one of the more powerful Vegeta techniques, the Big Bang can cause a great deal of damage to a small area or an opponent. You must raise your left or right hand in a “Stop” fashion and then charge enough energy to fire a blast from your hand and shout “Big Bang Attack!”. This techniue uses up a fair amount of energy, so use it sparingly.

Final Flash: Another powerful Vegeta attack that can wipe out things in a straight line, even covering a wider radius than the Big Bang Attack. To do this, put both hands together, stretch your arms out, and then open your hands in a fireball or Kamehameha fashion and then summon enough energy to fire a large blast with both hands. Be warned that this technique uses alot of energy and can drain you easily. Only use in emergencies.

Gallet Gun (Gallick-Ho: Garlic gun): Probably one of the most powerful Vegeta attacks, this technique can destroy planets with a huge impact. Fly up in the air high enough so when the planet explodes, you’ll be out of range. Now begin to charge up until you reach your maximum power level, the power level determines how powerful the Gallet gun will be, if the amount of power you put into the Gallet gun is too low, then you will not be able to destroy a planet. Your power level must be around 18-20,000 in order to do this technique, and be warned that the beam is fragile and can be countered with a Kamehameha in a fireball fight.

Renzonku Energy Dan: A widely used technique by all the Z warriors, this technique only requires a small amount of energy in comparison to the more powerful techniques. First cross your arms together and tighten your fists. Charge a small amount of energy, but powerful enough to damage something and then put your arms and hands out apart like you’re pushing something and fire away. Make sure you keep on moving your arms quickly enough to charge each blast. This technique is useful for continiuosly hitting opponents.

The two-finger instant Kill: Used to quickly finish off an opponent, this technique can only be used on opponents with a low power level. Put out your middle and index finger and charge up enough energy to blast an opponent away. Most people consider this cheating, but if you feel like killing off an an opponent quickly, then feel free to use it. It will only work on opponents with a low power level.

Power Blast: An alternative to the Two-finger instant kill, the power blast works on opponents who are slightly stronger, but it creates a powerful wave that can wipe out and disintegrate an opponent. Separate both fists and begin to charge up to your maximum power level. Then you can fire with both hands or just one. This will only work on opponents with the same power level or a tiny bit stronger.

Oozaru level: A technique used to simulate the effects of a full moon, the Saiya-jins only use this to wipe out planets and squash opponents. You must have a Saiya-jin tail to be affected. Summon a small amount of energy to make a little sphere with brute waves and then throw it up at the sun. You will transform into a giant were-monkey (Oozaru) and your power level will multiply 10 times. In order to de-transform, you must cut off your tail or wait for the moon to extinguish.

Body Blast: A wickedly cool finishing technique that can get alot of blood on your hand. After a long fight and if you’ve weakend your opponent, give a strong punch in the stomach and go through it O_o, you will know that your fist is inside if you can feel the intestines. Then fire a blast that will instantly kill your opponent and launch his bloody corpse away. Make sure you carry a wet towel for this one.

Super Saiya-jin: To go Super Saiya-jin, your powel level must be 100,000 or above, and you must get extremely angry. This has only been achieved by 6 Saiya-jins (Brolli, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, and Goten). This can be a very difficult process at times…

It is recommended that you practice these techniques in a deserted area or a Capsule Corp gravity training room.

Now it’s time to kick ass, Saiya-jin style…. >:)

There's a little Vegeta in all of us.