Back in January of 1999, Vegeta Insane launched as a comedy related Vegeta site to stand out in the swarm of rehashed DBZ information sites during the initial Cartoon Network DBZ boom. Vegeta Insane became an instant hit, serving several million visitors throughout the world with silly comedy, multimedia, and Vegeta related goodness. In May of 2000, Vegeta Insane became part of Ginga GIRI GIRI in order to expand to all of Dragon Ball instead of just focusing on Vegeta.

Sadly, in 2002, because of the effects of the dot-com bubble bursting back in 2000, and numerous bandwidth problems, Vegeta Insane/Ginga GIRI GIRI was forced to shut down for good until Ginga GIRI GIRI came back as Ginga GIRI GIRI Kai in 2010.

While I’ve eventually moved onto other content throughout the years, the spirit of Vegeta Insane has always been present in all of the projects I’ve done representing my wacky and unique humor and going against the norm content.

Not only is Vegeta Insane back after 20 years as an archive to the older content, it’s here to show the love of Vegeta to newer generations who are now growing up with the dark prince we all know and love.

The Dark Prince is back, baby!

Welcome back to Vegeta Insane!

– Ryan “Castor Troy” Molina

There's a little Vegeta in all of us.